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He looks older than 17 months, doesn’t he? I think so. We took the kids to the park on Saturday afternoon. Peyton is still unsure about walking on surfaces that aren’t concrete. When we let go of his hand he’d just stand.
Or he’d just sit. He was very interested in the rocks.
008 004 003
And here’s our silly Allie. Speaking of growing up, my gosh! I can’t believe some of the things that come out of Allie’s mouth sometimes! Like, really grown up sounding things. She knows how to spell Allison now. She is so excited to start school in the fall, especially when we told her she’d get some new clothes.
Allie wants to play on her own, but she is also very attentive to her little brother.
Peyton still loves the swing! I had to take him out after a little bit that day though, he was looking a little dizzy.
014 013
Peyton really surprised us with how he played! He was really into the slide and liked climbing.
When he went down the slide, he tried to climb back up.
And look at Allie climb!
022 021
Peyton even got brave and tried to slide down all by himself. He made it a couple times, but usually we held his hand because we didn’t want him to fall off.
019 018
030 031
And getting ready to go home, he stands until I take his hand to help him walk. I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s running around like crazy.
034 033


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