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Our total travel time in both directions to and from the beach was about 23 hours. We went through six states. On Monday we traveled from home to Grandma and Grandpa Durso’s house in Carterville. Tuesday we traveled from Illinois…
…to Kentucky…
…to Tennessee…
…where we stopped for lunch. We saw on the map this buffet restaurant. It was a little out of our comfort zone. But it was cheap. The food wasn’t exactly gourmet, but it filled us up and gave a cute photo opp for Allie. And more importantly, it filled Peyton up. The biggest problem we had from Peyts on the trip was when we waited too long to stop for lunch.

We were talking about stopping shortly after we crossed into Alabama. Well, when we saw this…
We knew where we’d stop. This was the Alabama welcome center, with a replica of one of the space shuttles developed in Huntsville, AL.
I didn’t get a good picture of the Alabama sign, so I took a picture of the one at the welcome center. Also, a cute one of Peyts out for a stroll.
And of course we went to see the shuttle up close.
We stopped for the night in Birmingham. We had left about an hour and a half before Grandma and Grandpa, Julie, Carson and Cole. We got to the hotel at the same time as them! That’s traveling with two small kids!

Wednesday morning we left for the last leg of the trip into Florida. We had to get off the interstate about two hours down the road in Montgomery. After that it was three hours’ worth of back roads down to Panama City Beach. It was slow going and some of the stops were a little iffy! But we made it into Florida!
Not a great picture, but also not a great sign. I guess they don’t do the big pretty signs in the back country. It was still another hour until we saw this sign…
I was surprised just how remote the whole area was, pretty much until we got to the coast. I guess even though it was state and US highways, I thought it would be a bit more built up since its such a destination!

Finally, we were there…
And I found my eventual career path…
It was nice getting out of the car when we went to check into our condo.
And even though our unit wasn’t ready, we went across to see our beach.
We went to an early dinner, and poor Peyts was tuckered out.
He fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep on me for at least 15 minutes as we got settled into the restaurant! He never does that!
Finally after dinner it was time to go get settled in.
Our seasoned traveler was ready to go.
Our condo was on the 18th floor. It did freak me out a bit to have the kids up that high. I did relax as time went on but the kids didn’t go out there too much.
Just look at that view!
That view doesn’t get old!


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