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Last night as we were pondering what we wanted to do this weekend, I saw a line on a Facebook page I follow about Olbrich’s Blooming Butterflies. Tomorrow is the last day, so I’m glad we saw it! As I’ve written about here before, Olbrich Botanical Gardens is one of our favorite places and holds a special place in our hearts as it is where we had our wedding reception. It was just after Doug and I got engaged in July 2006 we went to Olbrich for the first time to see the blooming butterflies and as I looked around I decided I wanted to have our wedding there! We hadn’t made it back to the butterflies until today.
Peyton actually didn’t mind the carrier today. Usually he starts getting cranky if he’s in it too long.
Allie was very excited to see the butterflies. And we saw plenty right from the moment we walked into the conservatory. Peyton enjoyed it too. It was fun to see him watch when one caught his eye.
003 005 015 016
021 023 037 039 040
043 045 046
We were in there for a long time. It was hot in the conservatory, and Allie was tired and a bit hungry. We got there late without having lunch because we’d had a big and late breakfast. Luckily once we got out to the outdoor gardens, moods improved. We let Allie lead the way and explored some of the gardens.
Just look at these cute pictures! So many great spots for pictures at the gardens.
048 049 051 052 055 056 057 059 060
We had a great time and were at the gardens a couple hours. We weren’t outside very long but then Allie was cranky again and we decided it was time to go. We decided to get our late lunch at Red Robin and enjoyed that. It was such a nice family time! We haven’t really done much in the last few weeks as we’d been getting ready for vacation and then recovering from vacation.


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