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Well, here I am. Its been nearly two years since my last half marathon. I had wanted to make my half marathon come back a little sooner this year. But all the same, I’ve made it. I have trained. I am ready. It may be my slowest half marathon ever, even slower than mylast half at 20 weeks pregnant back in October 2012. But my slowest half is still faster than not running at all!

Its funny how even as I look forward to running, I dread it too sometimes. I expected to be nervous for this race. But I’m not. I’m just excited. No matter how slow I am, I have achieved a goal. And there’s nothing like crossing the start of the goal race. Well, except maybe crossing the finish! 

The weather forecast that looked perfect at the 10-day, is less perfect now. There have been chances of rain. But as the week went by, the chances lessened. Now it appears the chance is very very small. It will be humid, but I’m used to the humidity. The hourly forecast for start time is 64. By time I finish around 10 a.m., the forecast is 71. Its warmer than I’d like. And the last hour will warm up fast. But the important thing is the only hourly chance of rain is 10% chance at 10 a.m. Of course it could still rain, but I like that forecast way better than the one I saw a few days ago that said 80% chance!

I’m about to head to the packet pick up and then on to the carbo-loading. I’ve actually been carbo-loading for a few days now! 

My race day clothes are already set out. I have to add my garmin, my shoes and my race bib. Very important that I don’t forget my race bib. When I ran the 5K of this race, I think that was 2010, I forgot my bib at home. We had to hurry home to get it and I barely got to the start in time. That race didn’t go well. This one will go much better.

I suppose I have goals for the race. They are simple for this one. My first goal is to finish happy. My second is to finish faster than my slowest half (which actually wasn’t 2:51:34 in October 2012, it was my first in San Diego when I waited 15 minutes for a port-o-potty on the course. My time in that race was 2:55:something). I suppose my lofty goal is 2:45. That could be doable. We’ll see.

More important than the goals, however, is that I got myself to the starting line and I will get to the finish. And my family will be there to see it.

Now time to go eat some pasta!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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