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I guess he’s not a baby anymore

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Just look at my blue-eyed handsome boy! Peyton is many things, but now that he’s 18 months, I am reluctantly calling him a toddler now. He’s not a baby anymore. I suppose he hasn’t been a baby for awhile now… but I’ve been slow to admit it.
We had his 18-month doctor’s appointment last Monday. Peyton keeps moving up the chart in his measurements, though he is still on the short side. He is his mother’s son, after all! He weighs 24.2 pounds, 51st percentile; height 32 inches, 37th percentile; and head circumfrance 18.6 inches, 45th percentile. He’s toward the middle of everything. He has gotten a lot taller in the last three months, at 15 months he was still in the 17th percentile for height.
Peyton is developing quite the personality. The terrible twos are starting early. He already throws some wicked tantrums, complete with throwing himself on the floor (carpet) in some cases. He already tries our patience, quite aware he is doing so. We are trying to get a better start on discipline with him than we did with Allie.
He is such a sweet little boy. He loves his blankie! He loves his Mama and Dada. He tends to go back and forth in preferring one of us or the other. He’s been doing this super cute thing where he runs across the living room and buries his face in our laps and just laughs. He is very ticklish. He’s got the cutest giggle. And he is always giggling unless he’s hungry or tired. Or getting his diaper changed… he hates when we lay him down for a diaper change!
He plays so well and very attentively. He’s developing an interest in books and he loves playing with his big sister. He loves running around and is getting a lot better at it. He’s starting to climb more. He’s also talking a bit more, enough that the doctor doesn’t seem as concerned with his speech development, so that’s a relief! He’s starting to do so much; we can just see the wheels turning in his mind and it is fascinating. It also leads to difficulty at bedtime some times. I think he always feels like he needs to be moving. So that makes it hard for him to settle down for sleep some nights. Typical little boy I guess. That’s getting better; or maybe I’ve just figured out how to deal better.
Last weekend I organized the kids room, mainly their closet and all their clothes. He’s moved mostly into 18-month sizes, though he still has a few 12 months that he can wear. Its so hard sometimes to believe my kiddos are getting so big! I posted the next photo this week as Throwback Thursday.
Wow! Peyton at 1 day old, and Peyton at 18 months. My baby is becoming a big boy.


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