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We started Friday night with a date night! Its been awhile since Doug and I got out together by ourselves. My wonderful friend Joanna baby sat the kiddos. We had dinner at Porta Bella, one of our favorite Madison restaurants. In between dinner and the movie, we walked down by the lake. In spite of the stifling humidity, it was really nice!
Saturday was project day.
We were a little surprised to not only get 4K homework, but homework to be done before school even starts! But it turned out to be really fun. We will have one of these “family projects” each month. This one is a treasure box. Allie is supposed to take the box, with three things special to her inside, on the first day of school. After that, the treasures to be added will be books they make at school. I think this is great!
The letter gave suggestions for things to put on the box. I took Allie to Target and we picked out a pad of funky patterned paper in neon colors, some “funky tape” (some kind of scrap book tape), some glitter sticker letters, scissors and glue. This was Allie’s first time using glitter glue and scissors.
I’d say she already looks like a seasoned pro!
Mama helped with the main construction, but all the decor was mostly Allie’s choice.
The project was really fun! Dada took pictures and gave a few ideas but mostly let Mama and Allie work on the box.
Mama helped Allie put her name on the top of the box and we also spelled out “reading is fun.” Allie decided to decorate the rest of the box with letters too.
We put a lot of stuff on that box! It turned out so good. Allie is really excited about the box so we have to put it away somewhere to keep it safe until school starts.
Here’s the finished product!
Today we went swimming. We went to the Goodman Aquatic Center in Verona. This is part of the Goodman Jewish Community Campus. Its a bit more expensive than other pools in the area but we really like it because its super close and they allow pool toys (though they didn’t let us take the big floatie we’d brought for Peyton). Its also never been super crowded the couple times we’ve been there even though we wait and go on the hottest days.
They have an hourly safety check/adult swim time, and of course we had to get out of the pool once we’d finally gotten in! We had some snacks though and chilled.
Since we couldn’t take Peyton’s floatie, we borrowed a life vest to try. He didn’t like it. We didn’t really like it either. Peyton was kind of grumpy at first and I wasn’t sure we’d stay long. But he snapped right out of it when we returned the life vest.
Just look at those smiles!
Allie swims like a fish with her water wings! I still want to get her into swimming lessons. I’m hoping to do it maybe in the spring or next summer after she’s been in school for a bit. Her shyness has gotten better, but some new situations are still difficult.
We ended up staying about two and a half hours. I was surprised Peyton lasted that long! He lasted that long for the swim, but he was definitely exhausted when we got home. We all were. After bath time we had dinner, and Peyton practically fell asleep! I wrote last night about having a hard time putting Peyton to bed… it wasn’t hard tonight, though I was surprised he still stayed up and played a bit in his crib before falling asleep.


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