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Oh my. This is a last weekend of freedom if there ever was one. Starting on Tuesday, we make the rite of passage into school age. We’re going to be in school age for at least the next 17 years. That’s not counting college or if we have more kids!

But we have a nice long weekend to take advantage of first. Mama and the kids had an adventure this morning while Dada stayed home to wait for the new cable to be installed. We had a window between 8-10 for arrival and were told it could take one to three hours for the installation. So the plan was to get the kids out of the house for that installation. We were going to go to the park and then the library when we got tired of the park. Unfortunately we had barely gotten started playing when it started raining a little bit. We decided to see if it would pass. We did have fun for the 20 minutes we were there!
Allie loved the balance beam. I really think she would enjoy gymnastics but we need to get used to school first.
Give Peyton some room and he’s off running! He’s also climbing and getting into everything.
005 006
Peyton tried to climb on the balance beam. Right after this shot he actually tumbled over and landed on the other side. Luckily this is a rubber playground!
By the time Allie found the digger, it was raining pretty good. She wanted to keep sticking it out, but I could see on my phone the radar wasn’t getting better, so we left.
Allie thought it was fun to stick her tongue out to catch the rain drops. Peyton did it too because he likes imitating Allie! This girl cracks me up!
The rain got heavier as we got into the car, good thing we left when we did! We had to make a stop at home to change clothes before heading to the library.

The cable installation went pretty quick and was done right when we were needing lunch and Peyton a nap. Peyton ended up sleeping almost three hours and the rest of us hung out all afternoon. Well, I squeezed in a 3-mile run in between the rains (more on that later) and then cleaned our bedroom.

The other part of the “now what?” title… running. I was ready to sign up for the Madison half this past week before my coupon code expired. I didn’t though and I’m kind of glad. I’m second guessing my plans to run another half this year. It was my goal to run two and I know the November half will be better than my race two weeks ago. But I’m still so slow and I’m feeling a little burned out. I guess I”m not surprised. I was starting to feel really awesome with how I was running about a month before the half. But then I went on vacation and had a rough time running after. I was afraid I had “peaked” early and I think I was right, though the sudden hot summer is partly to blame. And I’m not going to lie. I am still disappointed with my efforts of two weeks ago. I would have done better if I’d been better trained.

I know the November half will be better. But is a pretty quick succession in between races than I’m used to. I usually do the May half and then another in September or October, so four or five months. This would be a little under three months. Doable, but I’m just not sure I want to.

And while I’m not fast by any means, I would like to get faster. And I think the only way to get faster is to do some more cross training and weight training. Unfortunately my time is very limited. So to add cross training, I’ll have to take away running. I’m thinking about dropping to three days a week running and one cross training. After we’re in school we’ll have some more time in the mornings so I want to start going to Body Pump again. I was in my best shape when I was doing Body Pump regularly before the Green Bay half in spring 2012 (which happens to be the only other race I’ve been so bitterly disappointed with). I think I may run three days a week without the long runs. I’ll run a couple 10Ks. Or maybe I won’t race. I’ve always felt like I needed races for motivation, but considering I’ve only run three races this year I’ve had a decent amount of motivation. I guess the motivation to race is a lot less while I’m super slow.

Who knows? I sure don’t right now. I was thinking I’d start the training again in September, with a 10-miler next weekend to start the long runs. That plan was to do the longer long runs a couple times each and be better trained. But I could take an extra week or two to decide. The more I think about it though, my tough half wasn’t the result of under training the distance. Its just under training in general. I ran 73.6 miles in August. I ran 74 in July. With less than half a mile difference, it took me 38 minutes longer to run those 73.6 miles this month. That wasn’t all from the half marathon.


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