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Love this weather!

Last weekend we got outside on both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. I love when it starts to cool off in the fall but the temperatures still warm up enough to get outside and enjoy it. I love how the afternoon light is different in the fall. The only thing I don’t really love is the in between temperatures for morning runs… I’m cold in short sleeves and too warm in long sleeves! Oh, that and the fact that after fall comes winter.

Anyway, Saturday we went to the UW Memorial Union Terrace for ice cream and to see the lake and the ducks. It was crazy packed because the Badgers played at home that day. It took a little longer to find parking and the line for ice cream was really long, and we didn’t even think to wear our Badger red! But it was still a lot of fun. That is, until Peyton wanted to get out and run around, but he wanted to run into the water. Then it was time to go, lol.
Allie and Dada walked out onto the pier, while Mama and Peyts stayed back and took a selfie instead.
Allie decided she didn’t want to have her picture taken, but I got one anyway.

Sunday we headed out early to the McKee Farms dream park. We had the place to ourselves for about 20 minutes. It was a lot of fun running around, especially now that Peyton runs around too. We stayed probably about an hour until it was time to head home to have lunch and get Peyts down for a nap.

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Late but still good, Picnic Point

WOW! I’m not sure I’ve ever let two weeks go by between blogs. Our house has been taken over the last two weeks by the current crud going around. Mama and Dada both got it and it stuck around about a week and a half. It did pass through both kids, luckily not nearly as bad as Mama and Dada got it. We both ended up taking a sick day. I would have liked to take more than one, but I’m still trying to save for the winter and I’ve had to take sick time for a bunch of appointments lately. This past Friday Allie went to the dentist and did great! She’s still nervous about the dentist, but this time she sat in the chair and let the hygienist and dentist both do their work. I had to hold her hand the whole time, but its progress!

Anyway. I meant to post these totally cute pictures when they happened two Sundays ago. Better late than never! Sept. 7 we made a trip to Picnic Point before the first NFL Sunday. Allie picked out her clothes and her outfit is just darling! I love those leg warmers, though it ended up getting a little warm for those, so she ended up taking them off.
As we started walking, totally unprovoked Allie decided she wanted to run. She even went so far as to say she wants to run a kids race! Look at her go!
She ran a lot, both to and from Picnic Point.

This scene is the perfect place for pictures! Of course Peyton is always trying to wiggle away.
My darling girl.
She wasn’t too excited for pictures either, but I got this nice one by the water.
We enjoyed walking and running around for awhile and then decided it was time to go. There’s Allie running off down the path! Peyton walked for a bit too, but he got tired quick and went back in the stroller.
Allie ran a majority of the way back to the car, if you can believe it! Allie and I ran together, with me pushing Peyton in the stroller. We had taken both strollers and did need them, Allie did sit in the big stroller a few times when she got tired. But me and Allie raced to the path entrance. Its a mile hike! Mama and Peyts won the race to the path entrance but Dada and Allie won the race from there to the car.

The Zoo Run Run is coming up this Sunday. I had been considering one of those races for awhile. They have kids races in a quarter mile, half mile and a full mile. I meant to sign us all up a long time ago, but then the crud hit. I still haven’t signed up, but I need to as online registration ends Wednesday!

I was going to do a round up post, but I uploaded about 25 photos from my phone last night, so I’ll break this into a couple posts.

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Running right now

Last week I decided I won’t train for the Madison half in November. I felt instantly more content with my running. Now I don’t haveĀ to run. I suppose I never really have to, but its somewhat of a necessity when training for a half marathon. I just don’t want to put in that kind of time running right now. I will next year I’m sure, but I just don’t want to right now.

I finally thought a little more and realized I’ve been only running for almost a year and a half now. No wonder I’m burned out! I haven’t had time to add any other workouts when I’ve been training since my work out time is so limited.

I do want to work on getting faster. I’ve never been fast. I’ve never been too interested in getting faster, but I average 13+ minute miles right now and I hate it. This is the slowest I’ve ever been and I don’t really know why. I mentioned in one of my Facebook groups last week and got some good suggestions on things I could do to improve my speed. One was simply pushing myself faster, even if only for a little while. I went out on Tuesday morning and simply pushed myself. I accomplished my fastest 5 miles in awhile, every mile under 13 minutes, even the ones that I took a walk break.

Thursday I went to Bodypump for the first time in probably two and a half years. I felt it in the first few minutes! It went well though and I was surprised I wasn’t terribly sore. I ran on Friday to keep on my schedule of running three times this week, even though I was sore. I was surprised to have another fast run with NO stops! I was a lot more sore after that run, but I still felt like I could have run today. I didn’t and that was fantastic.

I’ve realized that I never wanted to push myself too hard, but at some point I wasn’t pushing myself at all.

Today I had originally planned to run 10 miles in starting my training for the Madison half. I would have had to get up at 5 a.m. Instead we all slept until after 7 and had doughnuts for breakfast. After Dada went grocery shopping we went to the playground. Its nice to have that time on the weekend. I’d like to run a little longer tomorrow, because I still want to run a couple 10Ks this year. But if I don’t, oh well!

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First day of school

We made it! Allie woke up excited. She ate breakfast fast and got dressed fast. We were all ready to go early and got out the door without fuss and on time! But as we got closer Allie got quiet and as we were walking in she started saying she was scared.
We got some cute pictures, of course!
It was finally our turn to take first day of school pictures!
The corrected Allie’s name on her cubby! When we got there we hung up her backpack and her bus tag and took a few more pictures and then it was time to leave. She kept saying she was scared. We walked toward the door and she ran after us. I sat her at a table with a puzzle and she watched us leave. I thought she’d run after us, but she just watched.

After school she took the bus to Bridget’s. The bus got there late so we had some slight worry. Bridget said there was confusion after school because not everyone had the transportation paperwork.
They took a couple pictures after she got off the bus.
My big girl! Allie had fun time and I think she wants to go back. She was happy to be reunited with her friend Ava, so that will help with the transition I think. Allie didn’t tell us much about what she did. She likes to be funny and tell us she doesn’t know what she did that day or she did nothing. We did get out of her though that she went down the slide on the playground, she played with Ava, read books and had breakfast of cereal and banana. She did say she cried on the bus though. I didn’t understand why, but I didn’t want to push her. She made it and we are so proud! One thing I was really worried about was that she’s had a lot of accidents since the open house. She didn’t have an accident today!

Now that we made it though the first day… we just need to get used to the daily school grind! Just remembering back to the Little Lancers preschool in May, getting used to all the activity might be the hardest part.

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End of summer

One of my Facebook friends today wrote a status saying something to the effect of summer ends on Sept. 23. Not really now that we have a school age kid! We spent time today with Allie gathering items for her treasure box and picking out what she would wear. We bought a couple new dresses on Friday, one Hello Kitty and one Ever After High. I’ve never seen this Ever After High thing but Allie really loves it. She picked the Ever After dress.

We had a great weekend to end summer, with time outside every day! In fact, we played on playgrounds every day too. Yesterday perhaps the most anticipated event of the weekend was going to the splash pad during the Danielewicz family reunion in Wausau. Both kids loved it, though it took Peyton a little longer to figure it out. Then they got cold fast so half hour was enough.
This park has a choo choo train as well, which we rode after we got dried off from the splash pad.
After that there was a lot of entertainment to be found just running around for Mr. Peyts. He found a friend in Uncle Jacob. He was the only person whom Peyton allowed to hold him without squirming.
Then he ran. We had to run after him a few times, luckily there was a lot of open space! This little boy is already really fast!
But he was also tired. At one point he fell on his back. He couldn’t get up at first, and then he decided to just give up and lay down.
We had a really fun time, but of course there wasn’t enough time to visit with everyone. As we’ve all gotten older, we see the extended family a lot less! As it was we left later than we’d planned, of course!

This morning we all slept in! Until 8! That never happens. Well, the kids slept until 8 on Saturday, but Mama and Dada were up early. This morning ALL FOUR of us slept. We had a fantastic breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. We mainly stuck around home today because Peyton was really tired. He was ready for an early nap. He even took two naps today!

In the afternoon we went back to the park we found on Saturday and spent a long time playing, close to an hour and a half. I was amazed by all the things both kids could do! Allie was able to climb on just about every time and Dada helped her hang on the monkey bars and slide down the fireman’s pole. Wow! And Peyton climbed the stairs and went down the slide with almost no help… though we had to make sure he sat down on the slide or he was going to just try to walk down.
wpid-20140901_153923.jpg wpid-20140901_142400.jpg wpid-20140901_142426.jpg wpid-20140901_142454.jpg wpid-20140901_143724.jpg wpid-20140901_150217.jpg wpid-20140901_150232.jpg wpid-20140901_152436.jpg wpid-20140901_152808.jpg wpid-20140901_153437.jpg

Now the summer vacation is complete and in the morning Allie starts school! She told me today she was going to miss her family while she was at school. She was also talking about being alone. I told her she’s never alone and she’ll see Peyton at Bridget’s after school and Mama and Dada after work like always. I told her she’ll make so many new friends at school. By the end of the day I felt like she was more excited than nervous. What does tomorrow hold for the Dursos?