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One of my Facebook friends today wrote a status saying something to the effect of summer ends on Sept. 23. Not really now that we have a school age kid! We spent time today with Allie gathering items for her treasure box and picking out what she would wear. We bought a couple new dresses on Friday, one Hello Kitty and one Ever After High. I’ve never seen this Ever After High thing but Allie really loves it. She picked the Ever After dress.

We had a great weekend to end summer, with time outside every day! In fact, we played on playgrounds every day too. Yesterday perhaps the most anticipated event of the weekend was going to the splash pad during the Danielewicz family reunion in Wausau. Both kids loved it, though it took Peyton a little longer to figure it out. Then they got cold fast so half hour was enough.
This park has a choo choo train as well, which we rode after we got dried off from the splash pad.
After that there was a lot of entertainment to be found just running around for Mr. Peyts. He found a friend in Uncle Jacob. He was the only person whom Peyton allowed to hold him without squirming.
Then he ran. We had to run after him a few times, luckily there was a lot of open space! This little boy is already really fast!
But he was also tired. At one point he fell on his back. He couldn’t get up at first, and then he decided to just give up and lay down.
We had a really fun time, but of course there wasn’t enough time to visit with everyone. As we’ve all gotten older, we see the extended family a lot less! As it was we left later than we’d planned, of course!

This morning we all slept in! Until 8! That never happens. Well, the kids slept until 8 on Saturday, but Mama and Dada were up early. This morning ALL FOUR of us slept. We had a fantastic breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. We mainly stuck around home today because Peyton was really tired. He was ready for an early nap. He even took two naps today!

In the afternoon we went back to the park we found on Saturday and spent a long time playing, close to an hour and a half. I was amazed by all the things both kids could do! Allie was able to climb on just about every time and Dada helped her hang on the monkey bars and slide down the fireman’s pole. Wow! And Peyton climbed the stairs and went down the slide with almost no help… though we had to make sure he sat down on the slide or he was going to just try to walk down.
wpid-20140901_153923.jpg wpid-20140901_142400.jpg wpid-20140901_142426.jpg wpid-20140901_142454.jpg wpid-20140901_143724.jpg wpid-20140901_150217.jpg wpid-20140901_150232.jpg wpid-20140901_152436.jpg wpid-20140901_152808.jpg wpid-20140901_153437.jpg

Now the summer vacation is complete and in the morning Allie starts school! She told me today she was going to miss her family while she was at school. She was also talking about being alone. I told her she’s never alone and she’ll see Peyton at Bridget’s after school and Mama and Dada after work like always. I told her she’ll make so many new friends at school. By the end of the day I felt like she was more excited than nervous. What does tomorrow hold for the Dursos?


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