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Last week I decided I won’t train for the Madison half in November. I felt instantly more content with my running. Now I don’t have to run. I suppose I never really have to, but its somewhat of a necessity when training for a half marathon. I just don’t want to put in that kind of time running right now. I will next year I’m sure, but I just don’t want to right now.

I finally thought a little more and realized I’ve been only running for almost a year and a half now. No wonder I’m burned out! I haven’t had time to add any other workouts when I’ve been training since my work out time is so limited.

I do want to work on getting faster. I’ve never been fast. I’ve never been too interested in getting faster, but I average 13+ minute miles right now and I hate it. This is the slowest I’ve ever been and I don’t really know why. I mentioned in one of my Facebook groups last week and got some good suggestions on things I could do to improve my speed. One was simply pushing myself faster, even if only for a little while. I went out on Tuesday morning and simply pushed myself. I accomplished my fastest 5 miles in awhile, every mile under 13 minutes, even the ones that I took a walk break.

Thursday I went to Bodypump for the first time in probably two and a half years. I felt it in the first few minutes! It went well though and I was surprised I wasn’t terribly sore. I ran on Friday to keep on my schedule of running three times this week, even though I was sore. I was surprised to have another fast run with NO stops! I was a lot more sore after that run, but I still felt like I could have run today. I didn’t and that was fantastic.

I’ve realized that I never wanted to push myself too hard, but at some point I wasn’t pushing myself at all.

Today I had originally planned to run 10 miles in starting my training for the Madison half. I would have had to get up at 5 a.m. Instead we all slept until after 7 and had doughnuts for breakfast. After Dada went grocery shopping we went to the playground. Its nice to have that time on the weekend. I’d like to run a little longer tomorrow, because I still want to run a couple 10Ks this year. But if I don’t, oh well!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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