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Late but still good, Picnic Point

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WOW! I’m not sure I’ve ever let two weeks go by between blogs. Our house has been taken over the last two weeks by the current crud going around. Mama and Dada both got it and it stuck around about a week and a half. It did pass through both kids, luckily not nearly as bad as Mama and Dada got it. We both ended up taking a sick day. I would have liked to take more than one, but I’m still trying to save for the winter and I’ve had to take sick time for a bunch of appointments lately. This past Friday Allie went to the dentist and did great! She’s still nervous about the dentist, but this time she sat in the chair and let the hygienist and dentist both do their work. I had to hold her hand the whole time, but its progress!

Anyway. I meant to post these totally cute pictures when they happened two Sundays ago. Better late than never! Sept. 7 we made a trip to Picnic Point before the first NFL Sunday. Allie picked out her clothes and her outfit is just darling! I love those leg warmers, though it ended up getting a little warm for those, so she ended up taking them off.
As we started walking, totally unprovoked Allie decided she wanted to run. She even went so far as to say she wants to run a kids race! Look at her go!
She ran a lot, both to and from Picnic Point.

This scene is the perfect place for pictures! Of course Peyton is always trying to wiggle away.
My darling girl.
She wasn’t too excited for pictures either, but I got this nice one by the water.
We enjoyed walking and running around for awhile and then decided it was time to go. There’s Allie running off down the path! Peyton walked for a bit too, but he got tired quick and went back in the stroller.
Allie ran a majority of the way back to the car, if you can believe it! Allie and I ran together, with me pushing Peyton in the stroller. We had taken both strollers and did need them, Allie did sit in the big stroller a few times when she got tired. But me and Allie raced to the path entrance. Its a mile hike! Mama and Peyts won the race to the path entrance but Dada and Allie won the race from there to the car.

The Zoo Run Run is coming up this Sunday. I had been considering one of those races for awhile. They have kids races in a quarter mile, half mile and a full mile. I meant to sign us all up a long time ago, but then the crud hit. I still haven’t signed up, but I need to as online registration ends Wednesday!

I was going to do a round up post, but I uploaded about 25 photos from my phone last night, so I’ll break this into a couple posts.


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