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There are times when there is just so much sadness to be found. This week has been one of those times. One event weighing on my mind from this week is the news about the couple whose baby was diagnosed with a rare birth defect and they put together and carried out a bucket list for the baby boy. He was born this week and died four hours later. I couldn’t even imagine going through pregnancy knowing that would be the result. To be in the hospital recovering from your son’s birth while also making plans for his burial. I am so grateful to have two beautiful perfect and healthy kids. I am hugging them extra and enjoying their company for sure.

Two weekends ago we had a ton of fun going to a local orchard to run around and pick apples. We had so much fun!
wpid-20140927_153710.jpg wpid-20140927_153127.jpg
We took the stroller for Peyton, but he walked a lot.
There was a big hill that we walked up and then down, and then back, to get to another section of the orchard. Peyton walked all the way up and down the first time and then rode up and down the second time. Allie powered up the hill.
wpid-20140927_155607.jpg wpid-20140927_155620.jpg wpid-20140927_160255.jpg
They had pumpkins there but we didn’t get any that day. The kids liked walking around and looking at them though! We don’t get pumpkins until October (today, in fact!).
wpid-20140927_161423.jpg wpid-20140927_161428.jpg
It was so hot, it didn’t even feel like pumpkin weather! That was the weekend before our anniversary. It was super hot for the end of September, just like our wedding day.
I spent that Sunday afternoon making apple sauce in the crock pot and an apple pie. Yum!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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