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Pumpkin patch time

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Today was pumpkin patch day! In spite of the crazy lack of parking and super long lines, it was a super success!
Just look at those adorable kiddos!
Mama, Allie and Peyton ran around the pumpkins while we waited for Dada to get our tickets. Then Allie rode the Cool Bus into the barnyard.
Oh my goodness it was fun seeing the kids see the animals, especially Peyton! He tried to climb in with the llama.
The kids got to pet a bunny, donkey and some goats. And Peyton ran.
The one part Peyton was a huge fan of was when a goat licked his hand. I was afraid he’d get bit, so I’m glad that didn’t happen.
Allie liked feeding the goat.
And she got to hold a kitty! Peyton got to pet the kitty too.
We did our old favorite activities like the barrel train. Allie said she’d ride her own barrel, but changed her mind. That barrel is a tight squeeze with all three of us! Mama and Allie also went on the jumping pillow. Allie liked that one a little more than Mama though.
Peyton liked watching us! He was cracking up. (Unfortunately at some point, a setting on the camera got switched and pictures got some weird coloring even though the sun was obnoxiously bright. I didn’t notice until I was looking at them later).
We got our traditional “How tall this fall” pictures while waiting in the long line for the hayride. Allie is 3 and a half.
We couldn’t really tell how tall Peyton was. Funny little boy didn’t seem interested in being measured. Maybe he’s around 2 and a half?
Finally it was time for the hayride. Right as we were getting on, Peyton decided to have a meltdown. We weren’t sure the trip would go well, but when the tractor turned on, that captured his attention.
Picking our pumpkins.
Peyton tried to pick one that was a little too big!
And Allie found her perfect pumpkin.
A (huge) Allie and Mama selfie.
And a family selfie! It turned out pretty good!
Peyton was in a much better mood on the way back.
Allie is very excited to carve her pumpkin. We’re waiting at least until next weekend though. We want to make sure it lasts until Halloween!
Speaking of Halloween, we’re going to get Allie a costume tomorrow. I need to check, but I’m sure we have something for Peyts. The joys of hand-me-downs!


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One thought on “Pumpkin patch time

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. We are heading to a our local pumpkin patch in a few weeks. Love the photo of you and kiddos in the donkey cart! Too cute.

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