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Allie and Mama ran a race together on Sept. 28! The timing when Allie started asking about running a kids race was perfect as the Henry Vilas Zoo Run Run and Roo Run Run was coming up. We didn’t register until just a few days before because Mama had been sick and I wasn’t sure Allie would go through with it. But she kept saying she wanted to do it!

Allie was really excited going into the race weekend. We picked out her running clothes and laid them out the day before. And on race day Allie said she wanted to wear a headband just like Mama. Just look at my adorable little runner!
And of course we had a Mama and Allie selfie. Yep. She’s my daughter!
And we took a picture in front of the giraffes once we got our race bibs. We like the Zoo Run Run because Dada and the kids can hang around the zoo while Mama is running.
I decided to run the 5K in order to be done in time to run the kids race with Allie and also because my mileage had been pretty low recently. I was bummed when I realized I accidentally left my camera in the car. But my camera has been taking pretty good pictures lately. Maybe the updates have increased the camera quality. Anyway, all these pictures are phone pictures.
Dada got a good picture of me starting the 5K. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had been sick and had only run once in between when I was sick and the race. I was hacking pretty good as I started and not sure I could keep myself going. I had some shortness of breath before the race too, partly from the residual sick and from being nervous. That happens before races sometimes. I have no idea why!

Anyway, its been two weeks so I can’t really remember all the specifics. I just remember being amazed by how fast I started and continued. I didn’t record my splits, but my official time was 35:59, average pace of 11:37! I only walked up a couple hills, not even all of them. A few times I thought I should stop but I felt good so I didn’t. I’ve been going to body pump and running shorter. I think that along with the cooler temperatures are helping me get faster. It wasn’t cool on race day though! In fact, it was about 80 and I decided not to carry my water along.
Dada took a couple fun pictures while they were in the zoo and I was running.
At some point in the last mile, a spectator said it was all down hill from here. As I realized where I was, I realized that was true. I was starting to struggle, but I also knew I was going to end up with a really good time. So I kept at it. And I crossed the line around 36:10 clock time. The course was a little short according to my Garmin. That was fine with me!

Then it was time to recover and wait for Allie’s race. The kids had snacks and I had some water. The Roo Run Run was a quarter mile, half mile and full mile. Allie was running the quarter mile so we had to wait for the full mile and half mile to finish before us. She was pretty cranky by the time we started. I was a bit cranky too. If we’d realized it would take so long, we would have waited to go line up.
But finally it was time to start! I wasn’t sure I would get Allie to run. She didn’t seem too into it at first. But by the time we passed by Dada and Peyton the second time she was having a good time.
And Allie got her medal!
I was so proud of Allie! She was so cute. She wore her t-shirt that day and also wore her medal all day. She said she wants to do another kids race sometime. There are a few coming up, so we’ll see!


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