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Allie loves school. Its fun to see. I love hearing about all the things she is learning and about her friends and school adventures.
She’s started writing her name by herself! She still needs help with the s though but she’s getting it.
She enjoyed dressing up for her first school picture day this week. We won’t get the pictures for a couple weeks. It will be good to get some new portraits!
Yesterday parents were invited for the last hour of school. This week the class theme was going on a bear hunt and we helped make a map, watched the kids sing a bear hunt song and they had a special snack.
We have fun with family projects for school. A couple weekends ago we decorated a pumpkin picture Allie named Mr. Moustache for his big grey triangle nose. She’s so creative.
Allie can write her name, count to 20 or more (though she tends to leave out 15), name the days of the week, sing fun songs she’s learned and so much more! The kids are learning to write and Allie is getting so good at identifying letters on our T-shirts and in other places. Earlier she was pulling out bath letters and telling us what almost all of them were, and she got most of them right!
She’s also developing quite a social life. A couple weekends ago she was invited to two birthday parties! Luckily they were not on the same day. We were happy when we visited school to see her interacting with her friends when we were at school because she tends to stick close to us when we are around.
The first couple weeks of school Allie complained because she didn’t like riding the bus. Then one day she came home talking about a friend on the bus and after that she didn’t complain anymore! She has a spring in her step walking in and we can tell she likes to be there. The first two weeks she groaned when we told her she had school tomorrow. Now today , Saturday, she’s asking if she can go to school on Sunday.
My little baby girl is learning so much and growing up too fast! I can’t believe she will be 5 in less than two weeks!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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