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Our original plans for this weekend included going down to Aunt Jeni’s to meet Baby Cousin Evelyn. Unfortunately, both kids had/have the sniffles. Baby Evelyn is only a week and a half old, so we stayed home. 😦 We don’t want to make her sick!

So we ended up staying home and having some pre-Halloween activities. Saturday night we, well, Mama, carved our pumpkins.
Mama is not the least bit artistic. I drew the plain face, and that’s as good as it gets as far as artistic ability. I’m pretty good at following the pumpkin patterns though!
003 005
I always forget how long it takes! Dada ended up feeding Peyton dinner while I was finishing up and then the rest of us had a late dinner. The results were worth the effort! The smiley face pumpkin is Spookily and the ghost is Sebastian. Spookily is a character in a movie Allie watched on Disney Junior, and Sebastian is a ghost in a pumpkin who was on Doc McStuffins.
Pretty good!
This was my effort to get a picture of Peyton with the pumpkins. Mama was trying to hide behind Peyton, but that doesn’t work when I’m trying to hide behind the baby!
025 027
I love seeing the pumpkins out on the porce! I’m glad we waited until a few days before Halloween to carve though. The pumpkins are already showing wear… I suppose the fact that is was 70 degrees today didn’t help!
Today we went to Halloween at the Zoo. It was a lot of waiting in line for the trick-or-treat stations… but totally worth seeing my kiddos dressed up! Such cuties!
For those who don’t watch several hours of Disney Junior a week… Allie is Princess Sofia. She wanted to be Elsa, but the store we went to didn’t have any Elsas in stock, and we didn’t want to look all over. So we persuaded her to be Sofia instead. Peyton is our cute little monster. He has a fish costume too. I don’t know which he’ll wear on Halloween.
We waited in line a lot and didn’t go to all the trick-or-treat stations. The kids did pretty well in line though.
Peyton was pretty cranky and tired… we went at the start of his nap time window. And I think we didn’t give the kids enough for breakfast, oops. Peyton usually jumps in front of any camera and yells, “cheese!” Not so much today. I wasn’t able to get any really good pictures of the kids together. Hopefully on Halloween!
Well if you have to wait in line for 45 minutes… at least you get to see some animals! The lion was pretty animated, maybe because so many people were disturbing his slumber.
We got to see the seals, the tiger and the giraffes too.
All the animals had jack-o-lanterns in their enclosures… I think the tiger ate his. The giraffes were poking around theirs too.
Still in line… we thought we were almost there and then walked through the covered tiger viewing area… to see the line wound around for awhile longer!
But finally we got to trick-or-treat. Allie liked this horsey.
Peyton liked playing around with his candy in the bucket.
I love the zoo, but I don’t love zoo parking. Really… there isn’t any. They have two small parking lots that we don’t even bother to check for a space when we go most of the time.
Anyway, we had to walk to and from the zoo. Allie did really well with the walk. She didn’t complain at all! In fact, I think Mama and Dada complained more during the walk back to the car.
We thought we’d taken all of Peyton’s candy away from him, then we discovered he’d managed to keep a piece of gum. He chewed through the paper and got to the gum. He didn’t like it though. He did really like this little bottle of bubbles.
Allie is such a beautiful princess!
And just look at the beautiful trees. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees in our neighborhood and most of the leaves are raked up. Not by the zoo!
Can’t wait for Halloween! Allie got sick right before trick-or-treating on Halloween last year. This poor kid has missed so many trick-or-treating nights from being sick! Hopefully we can get out there this year!
051 052

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