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Thanksgiving v. 2014

We had quite the holiday weekend here. It started with the Durso family feast on Thursday. The meal started with the pumpkin pie, after we watched the parade, of course. Mama had some help with the pie crust.
001 003
After I got the pie in the oven, Dada brought up the Christmas tree. Allie took charge of this task. It was a good exercise for her because the tree is put together using color and letter, so she was able to match the branches.
010 011 014
Peyton got in on the action too, but he really wasn’t too impressed with the tree, at least not while it was being put together.
018 020
The kids had fun playing together.
After putting the tree together, the pie was done so it was on to getting the stuffing in the crock pot and the turkey in the oven. Then Mama headed out for a run. I wasn’t able to get to the gym before it closed, so I decided to run outside. It was 21 and I figured in the day light it would be OK. It really was OK, except for the fact that some sidewalks were clear of snow, some weren’t. Some streets were clear, some weren’t. And even though I watched every step I took, I still managed to do this:
I rolled my ankle and sprained it pretty bad. This picture is from earlier tonight. I’m not sure I’ve ever had this much bruising with a sprain. The good news is the swelling is going down and three days post-injury, I’m getting around much better. I’m holding out a little hope that I could do some kind of cross training later this week, but running will be out of the question a while longer. Its a really big bummer because I only have 3.1 miles to go to make my goal of 600 for the year. I would have made it in November! Three years ago I sprained my ankle on Halloween morning and didn’t run a single mile in November (I know that because of my Timehop app!). This is somewhat amusing to me because my joking running goal for December was going to be to run more than I ran last December, when I only logged nine miles. Now I’m not sure I will make it!

But I digress. In spite of my injury, we were still able to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table. The turkey that was supposed to take three and a half hours took five even though it was thawing in the fridge for four days. While we waited for the turkey to be done, we put the lights on the tree. This next pic is Peyton’s reaction to seeing the lights for the first time.
He smiles like that every time we turn the tree on!

To round out the meal, we made mashed potatoes, corn and brown’n’serve rolls. I had already decided to save the green bean casserole for later.

It was a fantastic feast. We wrapped it up with pumpkin pie. Dada bought peppermint whipped cream without realizing it and it was fantastic! After dinner, we got out some of the Christmas ornaments. The tree is a little bare right now, as we only had one sting of lights that still work and we only put the kid-safe ornaments up so far. But it is lovely.
026 027 029
My vantage point to the decorating.
032 035 040
Peyton didn’t seem too interested in the tree at first, but he is definitely interested now. We had a hard time keeping him away from it earlier. Hopefully by tomorrow he will forget the fun of touching the tree! We debated putting up the tree in the kitchen to keep him away from it. We were optimistic about putting it in the living room so hopefully the novelty will wear off.

Friday evening we had our family dinner with the Swanson/Danielewiczs.
I got to see and hold baby Evelyn twice within a week! And she got bigger in that time! What a doll!
044 046 047
We had a fun, but late night. Too much staying up late made Saturday difficult with getting Peyton to sleep. Saturday afternoon Allie and I went to a girl scout get together. Peyton was supposed to go but he stayed home and napped. Both nap time and bedtime were hard on Saturday!

Then this afternoon Doug and I took Allie to see her first movie in the theater! We saw Penguins of Madagascar and we loved it!
We let Allie get some candy, and she was feeling the effects of the sugar after! I’d say the movie date was a success.
And at home was success too. We had a baby sitter for Peyton, and she didn’t have to do a whole lot because he slept the whole time. And he went down well! He also went down well tonight and fell asleep much earlier! In between nap and bed time, we watched the Packers beat the Patriots!
And now sadly, tomorrow its back to school, daycare and work. At least work has been pretty busy for me lately. Tomorrow is going to be tough as I’m working on the benefits inquiry line. That is the true call center work. I’m part of a group helping out during the busy time through the holidays. I’ve done it a few times so far and I’m glad I don’t do that work full time!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful year round. I don’t do the thankful November posts on Facebook. But I decided I’d do it here. Sometimes its hard to remember that even when times are tough, there is so much good. So in no particular order:

1. I’m thankful first and foremost for my wonderful family. I can’t imagine life without them.
2. I am thankful that we are all healthy. I know a few people who are just going through some really tough times health-wise. We are so lucky.
3. I’m thankful that Doug and I are both employed. It was a year ago this time that Doug was starting work again. I really hope we keep our jobs forever.
4. I’m thankful for a job I enjoy. Its stimulating and different every day and for the first time probably since I worked at The Southern Illinoisan, I have friends at work. I’m happy where I am.
5. I’m thankful Allie is loving school. I wonder how long that will last?
6. I’m thankful Peyton is mostly feeding himself (I say mostly because some items we still have to feed him or else he stuffs too much in his mouth at once). I will be even more thankful when we get past the “every meal is a fight” stage.
7. I’m thankful we get so many hand-me-downs for the kids. They wouldn’t be so well dressed without them!
8. I’m thankful for our home.
9. I am thankful for coffee and wine and hot chocolate.
10. I am thankful for my two beautiful kids.
11. I am thankful for our furnace and blankets and heated seats in the car. I hate being cold, so these are very helpful.
12. I am thankful for running.
13. I am thankful for Peyton’s super cute haircut!
14. I’m thankful for extended family and the fun times we have and nieces and nephews.
15. I’m thankful that Peyton still takes naps.
16. I’m thankful for good books.
17. I’m thankful for our great friend and daycare provider Bridget and her girls.
18. I’m thankful for great food.

OK… so I was trying to come up with 28 things for the 28 days in November… but now I’m reminded why I don’t do the thankful November posts. Suffice it to say… I have many reasons to be thankful! I need to remind myself of that in times where I’m unhappy with events going on. For example, right now. I went for a run outside this afternoon because I couldn’t get out until the gym was closed. Well, some sidewalks are clear, some aren’t, and even though I was watching my steps, I still managed to roll my ankle and sprain it pretty bad. I’m disappointed because I was going to reach my 600 miles for the year before the end of November, but that’s not happening now! But I do realize it could be worse. And in spite of my disappointment, we still have a great family time coming up tonight and this weekend!

I hope everyone out there is having a happy Thanksgiving!

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Baby Evelyn’s baptism

Two blog posts in one weekend! This morning we went down to Rockton for Baby Evelyn’s baptism. It was a challenge getting through church with two kids, but it went well. Baby Evelyn is adorable, especially in the baptismal gown.
When we weren’t trying to be quiet for church, our kids were pretty adorable too. Love their outfits! Its funny, I hated hand-me-downs as a kid. But our kids wouldn’t be so well dressed without them!
Peyton was being a stinker for pictures with Uncle Jacob. Or he was tired. Probably both.
They match!
006 007
At the restaurant Aunt Jocelyn gave Peyton her phone to play with. It was quite amusing.
Another really amusing thing… Peyton’s “mean face.”
He is so entertaining!
Aunt Jocelyn and Cousin Lanah. It was fun sitting by her at lunch because I don’t get to talk to her that much!
Proud parents and big brother.
Beautiful and great-tasting cake!
And I finally got to hold the guest of honor. She’s so tiny!
017 018
Peyton and Uncle Jacob get along great.
And a cute picture of Allie and Dada!
Here’s one reason why Peyton and Uncle Jacob get along so well…
I think they were supposed to share this piece of cake, but Peyton ate most of it. And it was a big piece! That may account for his lack of napping this afternoon.
And I guess the plaid sweater is pretty trendy, because Peyton matched Grandpa too! Too cute!

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Where’d my baby go?

The long blond locks are a thing of the past.
We had planned on getting Peyton’s hair cut last weekend, instead we had this, which only made it more obvious that he needed a hair cut because he looks just as girly as Allie here!
So the big day was today instead. I kept changing my mind on whether I actually wanted to get his hair cut. I think the long blonde locks were gorgeous! But they were in his eyes. And Dada wouldn’t let me change my mind. We made an appointment at a salon a friend recommended that was really good with kids. I couldn’t agree more! It was great!
We got there and I put Peyton in the fire truck chair and the stylist went right to work with the cape and giving him some toys to play with and Finding Nemo on TV.
If he realized what was going on, he sure didn’t care!
I couldn’t believe how cooperative he was!
I also couldn’t believe how much hair came off his little head!
At the beginning the stylist asked me what kind of hair cut I wanted and I just said normal little boy hair. She told me he would look very different.
He sure does!
Where’d my baby go?
This was probably the best post-haircut picture. Doesn’t he look like a little model hunk? Furter proof he is going to be a heart breaker. The reality of this picture though was that he was getting quite tired and cranky! We went to lunch at Applebee’s and it wasn’t our best lunch out with kids for sure. I think we’re getting to the point where we will be getting a lot more take out again.

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Playing in the snow

Last week was kind of a bad week. The worst part was Peyton got sick around midnight Thursday, and didn’t get better until today. Yesterday morning we thought Allie was getting it, but she didn’t (at least not as bad). I got this cute picture of the two kids. Allie did anything she could think of to make Peyton feel better. He was still in a rotten mood today because he was still tired and no doubt, hungry.
Just look at his beautiful long blond locks! His coloring with this sickness really made him look like a little girl! These two could be twins! We had planned to get him a haircut this weekend, but that obviously was canceled.
What wasn’t canceled was the show. And Peyton woke up feeling awesome this  morning (at 6:40… can’t blame him though, he has slept a lot the last few days).
And this morning Mama and Dada got brave and took the kids out to play in the snow. Allie has played out in the snow but not with Mama and Dada! This was my first time playing in the snow in many years! I didn’t think Peyton would last very long after he fell down the first time. But once he got up and running around he loved it! We don’t have snow pants or snow boots for him yet. But his shoes worked just fine and I layered two pairs of pants, the bottom pair lined, and that worked just fine. His bottom layer wasn’t even wet afterward. I was able to put everything back in his drawer since he only wore it a short time.
Peyton really loved picking up the snow and “throwing” the snow balls.
Peyton liked running around in the snow. Along with the running though, he slipped a few more times!
Allie made snow angels.
You can see the angel!
I think we lasted about 20 minutes. Peyton got pretty cranky after his third or fourth fall. It was time to head inside. Hopefully shoes are dry tomorrow morning! For some reason, Mama didn’t even think about getting out her snow boots. Anyway, after this was bath time and then back into jammies for a pretty easy going day. I think Mama, Dada and Allie all have some variation of the bug Peyton had. Luckily no puking, but we all feel kinda yucky. It was good we got our chores out of the way early! I was disappointed though that I started feeling bad before I could get a run in so I skipped it. Oh well.

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Carnival fun

Today we had fun at the Oregon Preschool Carnival. It was a fund raiser for one of the other preschools in Oregon. They had a bunch of games, food and face painting and it was so much fun!
Allie started with the fishing game.
After that we did face painting.
Allie wanted a kitty!
Look how cute!
Peyton liked running around and he also liked climbing up on the folding chairs.
Allie played the soccer kick game.
And so did Peyton!
Then Allie played some basketball.
And the bouncy house.
And last but not least, the cake walk. They didn’t win 😦
Peyton couldn’t do much, but he really enjoyed himself. We had lunch at the carnival and then we went to Target to buy Peyton a new winter coat. His coat from last year still fits but is way short! Since we have possiblities of snow in the coming week, its time to get prepared.

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I do, but I don’t

I will admit this here: I wish I had trained for the Madison Half Marathon that is this weekend. This was going to be my second half marathon for the year. This would have met the second of my two running goals. But after the half marathon in August, I was ready for a break. I was frustrated with my slowness and I was burned out. I guess that’s what happens when you only run for a year and a half.

I have been enjoying running lower mileage and going to body pump once a week. I am getting stronger. I might even replace another running day with other cross training over the winter. The cross training really does help running! I am enjoying not getting up before the sun on the weekend to run for three hours.

But I am running at my best right now since I started running again after having Peyton. I was frustrated in August by my lack of improvement and how quickly I wore out during the race. But now I’m a little disappointed because I know I could have run a half marathon this weekend way better than I did in August. I even started considering a couple weeks ago about whether I could do a couple long runs and then register. I didn’t, of course, but I thought about it.

So… I wish I had trained for it, but I also don’t wish I had trained for it. The weather forecast for Sunday certainly helps me to not be too upset!

I think my ideal race calendar is to run half marathons in May and in September or October. I need my big races to be spaced out more than they would have been this year in August and November. And November is just too late because of the weather, which strikes me as funny because they moved this race to November because May can be too hot. But I’d rather run a race too hot (within reason of course) than too cold. I hate being too cold and in fact, probably don’t have too many outdoor runs left in me before I head to the treadmill… but that’s a topic for another post.

Its a shame too because I really like that course (the two Madison halves are different courses and I like the November one better). Next year my goal for spring is to run Green Bay. I’m even thinking about registering super early to get in cheap and so that I can’t wimp out. For the fall I’m thinking either Fox Cities or Haunted Hustle in Middleton. Or maybe Madison in November.