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Last week was kind of a bad week. The worst part was Peyton got sick around midnight Thursday, and didn’t get better until today. Yesterday morning we thought Allie was getting it, but she didn’t (at least not as bad). I got this cute picture of the two kids. Allie did anything she could think of to make Peyton feel better. He was still in a rotten mood today because he was still tired and no doubt, hungry.
Just look at his beautiful long blond locks! His coloring with this sickness really made him look like a little girl! These two could be twins! We had planned to get him a haircut this weekend, but that obviously was canceled.
What wasn’t canceled was the show. And Peyton woke up feeling awesome this  morning (at 6:40… can’t blame him though, he has slept a lot the last few days).
And this morning Mama and Dada got brave and took the kids out to play in the snow. Allie has played out in the snow but not with Mama and Dada! This was my first time playing in the snow in many years! I didn’t think Peyton would last very long after he fell down the first time. But once he got up and running around he loved it! We don’t have snow pants or snow boots for him yet. But his shoes worked just fine and I layered two pairs of pants, the bottom pair lined, and that worked just fine. His bottom layer wasn’t even wet afterward. I was able to put everything back in his drawer since he only wore it a short time.
Peyton really loved picking up the snow and “throwing” the snow balls.
Peyton liked running around in the snow. Along with the running though, he slipped a few more times!
Allie made snow angels.
You can see the angel!
I think we lasted about 20 minutes. Peyton got pretty cranky after his third or fourth fall. It was time to head inside. Hopefully shoes are dry tomorrow morning! For some reason, Mama didn’t even think about getting out her snow boots. Anyway, after this was bath time and then back into jammies for a pretty easy going day. I think Mama, Dada and Allie all have some variation of the bug Peyton had. Luckily no puking, but we all feel kinda yucky. It was good we got our chores out of the way early! I was disappointed though that I started feeling bad before I could get a run in so I skipped it. Oh well.


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