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Baby Evelyn’s baptism

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Two blog posts in one weekend! This morning we went down to Rockton for Baby Evelyn’s baptism. It was a challenge getting through church with two kids, but it went well. Baby Evelyn is adorable, especially in the baptismal gown.
When we weren’t trying to be quiet for church, our kids were pretty adorable too. Love their outfits! Its funny, I hated hand-me-downs as a kid. But our kids wouldn’t be so well dressed without them!
Peyton was being a stinker for pictures with Uncle Jacob. Or he was tired. Probably both.
They match!
006 007
At the restaurant Aunt Jocelyn gave Peyton her phone to play with. It was quite amusing.
Another really amusing thing… Peyton’s “mean face.”
He is so entertaining!
Aunt Jocelyn and Cousin Lanah. It was fun sitting by her at lunch because I don’t get to talk to her that much!
Proud parents and big brother.
Beautiful and great-tasting cake!
And I finally got to hold the guest of honor. She’s so tiny!
017 018
Peyton and Uncle Jacob get along great.
And a cute picture of Allie and Dada!
Here’s one reason why Peyton and Uncle Jacob get along so well…
I think they were supposed to share this piece of cake, but Peyton ate most of it. And it was a big piece! That may account for his lack of napping this afternoon.
And I guess the plaid sweater is pretty trendy, because Peyton matched Grandpa too! Too cute!


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