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We had quite the holiday weekend here. It started with the Durso family feast on Thursday. The meal started with the pumpkin pie, after we watched the parade, of course. Mama had some help with the pie crust.
001 003
After I got the pie in the oven, Dada brought up the Christmas tree. Allie took charge of this task. It was a good exercise for her because the tree is put together using color and letter, so she was able to match the branches.
010 011 014
Peyton got in on the action too, but he really wasn’t too impressed with the tree, at least not while it was being put together.
018 020
The kids had fun playing together.
After putting the tree together, the pie was done so it was on to getting the stuffing in the crock pot and the turkey in the oven. Then Mama headed out for a run. I wasn’t able to get to the gym before it closed, so I decided to run outside. It was 21 and I figured in the day light it would be OK. It really was OK, except for the fact that some sidewalks were clear of snow, some weren’t. Some streets were clear, some weren’t. And even though I watched every step I took, I still managed to do this:
I rolled my ankle and sprained it pretty bad. This picture is from earlier tonight. I’m not sure I’ve ever had this much bruising with a sprain. The good news is the swelling is going down and three days post-injury, I’m getting around much better. I’m holding out a little hope that I could do some kind of cross training later this week, but running will be out of the question a while longer. Its a really big bummer because I only have 3.1 miles to go to make my goal of 600 for the year. I would have made it in November! Three years ago I sprained my ankle on Halloween morning and didn’t run a single mile in November (I know that because of my Timehop app!). This is somewhat amusing to me because my joking running goal for December was going to be to run more than I ran last December, when I only logged nine miles. Now I’m not sure I will make it!

But I digress. In spite of my injury, we were still able to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table. The turkey that was supposed to take three and a half hours took five even though it was thawing in the fridge for four days. While we waited for the turkey to be done, we put the lights on the tree. This next pic is Peyton’s reaction to seeing the lights for the first time.
He smiles like that every time we turn the tree on!

To round out the meal, we made mashed potatoes, corn and brown’n’serve rolls. I had already decided to save the green bean casserole for later.

It was a fantastic feast. We wrapped it up with pumpkin pie. Dada bought peppermint whipped cream without realizing it and it was fantastic! After dinner, we got out some of the Christmas ornaments. The tree is a little bare right now, as we only had one sting of lights that still work and we only put the kid-safe ornaments up so far. But it is lovely.
026 027 029
My vantage point to the decorating.
032 035 040
Peyton didn’t seem too interested in the tree at first, but he is definitely interested now. We had a hard time keeping him away from it earlier. Hopefully by tomorrow he will forget the fun of touching the tree! We debated putting up the tree in the kitchen to keep him away from it. We were optimistic about putting it in the living room so hopefully the novelty will wear off.

Friday evening we had our family dinner with the Swanson/Danielewiczs.
I got to see and hold baby Evelyn twice within a week! And she got bigger in that time! What a doll!
044 046 047
We had a fun, but late night. Too much staying up late made Saturday difficult with getting Peyton to sleep. Saturday afternoon Allie and I went to a girl scout get together. Peyton was supposed to go but he stayed home and napped. Both nap time and bedtime were hard on Saturday!

Then this afternoon Doug and I took Allie to see her first movie in the theater! We saw Penguins of Madagascar and we loved it!
We let Allie get some candy, and she was feeling the effects of the sugar after! I’d say the movie date was a success.
And at home was success too. We had a baby sitter for Peyton, and she didn’t have to do a whole lot because he slept the whole time. And he went down well! He also went down well tonight and fell asleep much earlier! In between nap and bed time, we watched the Packers beat the Patriots!
And now sadly, tomorrow its back to school, daycare and work. At least work has been pretty busy for me lately. Tomorrow is going to be tough as I’m working on the benefits inquiry line. That is the true call center work. I’m part of a group helping out during the busy time through the holidays. I’ve done it a few times so far and I’m glad I don’t do that work full time!


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