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It starts today (well, yesterday)!

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to make changes and get back to actually trying to lose this baby weight. Because I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t just drop it all upon giving birth. And somehow as happened with Allie, I’ve managed to hang onto the remaining too much weight for way too long.

I was lulled into thinking I was doing a better job losing the weight after having Peyton. I didn’t gain quite as much with him and I lost more of it sooner while breastfeeding. I even dropped a couple pounds without really trying after I stopped breastfeeding. But then the weight loss stopped. And for awhile it didn’t really matter to me. Even though we have the framework in place to eat well, for awhile I was flat out choosing not to. This got even worse over the holidays.

Well, I’m finally starting to do something about it. Between Christmas and being sick, I didn’t work out much for about a month. A couple weeks ago I finally got back on the workout wagon and have been working out four days a week for the past three weeks. I have been running on Monday, Friday and Saturday and going to spin class on Wednesday. These are my first spin classes in at least two years, so they have been tough. But I am feeling stronger and I can tell they are helping me feel stronger in running.

My weight didn’t budge for the first two weeks. I didn’t go down but it also didn’t go up, so I guess that was good. I’m starting to feel frustration by how I look and how some of my clothes are fitting. In the past I’ve been successful with Weight Watchers online, but we don’t have the money this year to spend on that subscription, so I need something free. Yesterday I finally got around to putting one of my goals into motion. I joined My Fitness Pal online and started logging my food and exercise! So it really started yesterday, but I didn’t get around to writing the blog post until today.

I signed up yesterday using the weight I’d had for three weeks. But I got a nice surprise when I weighed this morning and found I had actually lost a pound in the last week and a half or so since I had last stepped on the scale. Finally I’m making some progress!

But its not going to continue unless I am really making an effort.

Initially I set up My Fitness Pal goal to lost a pound and a half a week. But that set my goal calories for the day to 1,250, which I knew was not realistic in the slightest. I came in under that goal yesterday, but I think its in part because I know I didn’t log some things correctly. I just used generic versions of some of the meals I had. I added about 100 calories to the generic beef stew I logged yesterday when I put in my recipe after lunch today.

Anyway, I’ve changed my goal to lose 1 pound a week and it upped my calories to 1,500, which I think is much more attainable. On days I exercise I can eat extra calories, so that will help with energy. My other goals are carbs 188 g, fat 50g and protein 75 g. The carb goal isn’t all that different from the goal I had when I lost the weight for the first time way way back when I was seeing the nutritionist in 2008-2009 and counting carbs was really helpful that time. My food log also shows sodium and sugar intake, both of which are already above my goal before getting to dinner. One thing at a time…

One thing that is really cool is I got the MFP app for my phone and it has a barcode scanner for logging foods! So that makes it so easy to scan things at home rather than search for them in the data base.

I am already feeling really positive about this. Doug and I are working together to identify our weaknesses and possible fixes. My weaknesses include too much candy available at work, coffee drinks, ice cream, and eating poorly on the weekends. I’m already working on changing those as I’ve really decreased the amount of candy I eat at work now!

Definitely in the next few months I know I will be successful at finally shedding this baby weight and hopefully more! I am going to post it here in the interest of being real. My starting weight as of this morning is 201. My goal is 145. That’s the weight that would for the first time in my life (at least since childhood?) that I would have a body mass index in the normal weight range. My lowest weight in recent years has been 171. It will take some time, but I do believe I can do it.

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Weekend play

This was a weekend full of play, starting with story time on Saturday morning at the Verona library. The moms blog I follow lists weekend activities and this was one of their picks! We live not far from the Verona library, but we’d never been there before.
As luck would have it, it was “Frozen”-themed story time, Allie’s favorite!
The kids had fun listening to the stories and singing songs from the movie.
After story time was done, we stayed to play in the library. They have a lot of play stuff there!
Peyton’s favorite by far was this slide.
Allie played some educational games on the computer, we read a couple books and Peyton also really liked the train table. They had a big castle in the middle as well as a kitchen area and other stuff too. We’ll be back!
This morning the kids woke up before 7, Peyton at 6:15! We knew it was going to be a long day. So like we did last Sunday, we headed to the play place at West Towne Mall. It was hard to get pictures because I just had my phone and the kids ran around constantly.
This is a lot more fun now that both kids are bigger. The only problem is that Peyton liked to make a run for the play place exit. Too bad its not a gate! Mama and Dada got a work out as well as the kids chasing Peyton to keep him from running out. We had to be quick, because if Peyton gets too much of a head start, we have trouble catching him.

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Better late than never, Christmas 2014

It seems like I write the Christmas post later every year! But here it is finally!

Christmas Eve we met Grandma and Grandpa Durso at the mall in Chesterfield, MO. We went to see Santa, and like always seems to happen, when we went to see him after lunch, he was on a break feeding the reindeer. So we had to kill an hour and already its a good thing Peyton did take a sort-of nap, sleeping on Uncle Tim.

There was a man who had a kiosk selling balloon animals. Allie chose a puppy and really enjoyed watching him work.
037 038
Since Allie enjoyed it so much, and probably because he was done with the kiosk, he gave Allie this crown free. She loved it, but it proved a little problematic for pictures because it cause a lot of static with her hair.044
For Peyton, we chose a monkey, and he got a monkey hanging from a tree, albeit, upside down in this picture.
After that, we walked around a couple stores and then we rode the carousel. We love carousels!
047 049
After that we went back to see Santa. Unfortunately even though we got there a good 10 minutes before he reopened, there was a line, complete with people saving spots for others, so we had to wait awhile.
By this time Peyton was getting quite cranky. We had him in the stroller but while we were standing in line we let him out. He was really interested in playing with the buckle on his stroller. Every time the line would move forward, he’d get mad that we moved him along with it. When we picked him up to take him to Santa, he was not happy. This is the result:
This wasn’t so much his reaction to Santa. I’m not even sure he knew he was seeing Santa! But we have a nice picture to use as blackmail as he gets older.
We were able to get another picture with just Allie and Santa. She was so excited to see Santa. She talked to him for a few minutes while we were looking at pictures and told us later she’d asked for a stuffed animal reindeer. Since no one had heard this request before… she didn’t end up getting the reindeer, but didn’t seem to be bothered by that. She was more excited that Santa brought presents to her and Peyton at Aunt Julies and at our home!

After this, we left the mall and went to hang out for a few minutes at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Festus. After that we went to see Doug’s Uncle Mark, Aunt Doreen and Cousin Megan. This was the first time I have ever met any of Doug’s extended family other than meeting Megan at a St. Louis Rams game years ago that she obviously didn’t remember. The only reason I remember is just the fact that after seven years of marriage, I have only just this Christmas met any extended family since none of them came to our wedding. Anyway, they seemed nice enough and we had a nice visit. The men did a shot of whiskey, which is a Durso family tradition. The kids had water in shot glasses and it was so funny! It is a shame I didn’t get a picture of Peyton because he drank that shot like a pro!
Then we headed back to Julie and Tim’s for Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Durso, Tim’s parents and his kids.
Peyton really wasn’t interested in opening presents on Christmas Eve. He had recovered from his tantrums at the mall and was more interested in climbing up and down the stairs in the background here. That was really fun for Mama and Dada to chase him!
Allie was really excited to open presents though…
Especially when she opened this Doc McStuffins dress up outfit!
Its Doc McAllie!
Allie helped Aunt July pick out cookies to leave for Santa. She picked a bunch of cookies for him, and he ate them all and left crumbs to prove it.
Then on Christmas morning when Carson and Cole came home from their Dad’s, there were more presents to open!
Peyton was more interested in opening presents this time.
But he also did this a lot… he’s perfected his tantrums… he was very short on sleep by Christmas morning.
Allie got a Doc McStuffins activity book that she immediately set to work on coloring and filling with stickers.
Until she had more presents to open.
Peyton liked the Super Grover and the dump truck that Santa brought him.
Santa brought stockings too!
089 088
We hung around the house for a couple hours and then headed back to Grandma and Grandpa’s for presents and food at their house. It was super nice weather when we were in Missouri. Most everyone got some time in playing outside. The big kids and adults played football. Peyton was running around and face planted on the cement and got a huge scab on his nose.
He liked opening his presents.
Allie got this cool Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile toy that really walks! I think since we got home Peyton has been playing a lot more with this.
And then Christmas morning part II, on the Saturday after Christmas. We got home Friday night and found Santa had left the presents under the tree. But we had dinner and put the kids to bed right away and opened the next morning. Among the highlights were the new comfy chairs we got both kids! You can see Peyton’s scab here. It kept getting worse for about five days afterward! The scab finally came off but his nose is actually still red in that spot.
And the last present opening pictures. The kids enjoyed it but they may have even been getting burned out with opening presents by the time this was all over! I think when we travel for Christmas from now on, Santa will just bring all the presents to where ever we’re staying.

So that’s it! Later that day Doug got sick with what became the flu and it started about a week and a half of a sick house. Allie got the flu and I got a sinus/upper respiratory infection. Luckily Peyton didn’t get anything. I am sure it was definitely less severe since we all got the flu shot. And I am so grateful Peyton didn’t get sick. He was sick for a couple weeks before Christmas with pinkeye and a cold… maybe he’s the one who started the whole thing. Anyway, we still haven’t gotten to have “Christmas” with my family, which was going to be dinner at our house the Saturday Doug got sick. I’m hoping to reschedule that soon. It was a stressful ending (and honestly, stressful throughout… Christmas with an almost-2-year old was exhausting!), but it was a lot of fun. I wish we could see that side of the family more than the two or three times a year we usually do. We all got a little sad when we left Grandma and Grandpa’s on Christmas night.

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I always have a hard time considering “new years resolutions.” I suppose because I hate calling them that. I hate calling them that, but I do make them. So here they are!

1. Run two half marathons. My goal half for spring was going to be Green Bay, but my sister Jocelyn is graduating from college, so we will be traveling just a few weeks before that race. So I’ll pick one of the local spring races. Based on how last year went, if I want to run two half marathons, I need the first to be in May. The second would be probably September or October. It could be November, but weather always gets iffy when you get to November.

2. Run 750 miles. I always start the year at a disadvantage, it seems. Today is Jan. 7 and I have yet to run a mile… THANK YOU FLU!

3. Add more cross training to my workout routine and find a way to fit that in between a full running schedule in the spring and summer.

The running ones are always the easiest!

4. Make the changes necessary to rein in my diet. The way I plan our meals, I have the framework in place to eat well. I just flat out choose not to, especially over the last few months. I need to figure out better snacking at work. I also need to make myself stop eating the candy and junk that’s always plentiful around the office! I had wanted to join Weight Watchers, but for right now I’m going to see what I can accomplish with free help. One of the biggest goals I have in this area is food prep and planning.

5. Work to organize our house and keep it clean. I feel like I’ve been doing better with keeping on top of chores lately. I work as often as I can to do organizational things. This is really important since we are hoping to move this year. There is so much stuff to get rid of!

6. Get back on the blog train! My blog posts have declined in the last two years. And its not like we have nothing going on! In addition to writing about the kids and running, hopefully I can write about my efforts on these goals!

7. Work harder to be more patient with my kids and enjoy our time! This is such a challenge so much of the time and I am sad to say I don’t react well all the time.

I kind of treat the fitness goals as one whole goal… at least I will this year or else I think I may have set too many! I am sure I can do it though. A lot of these goals I’ve gotten the framework in place. I just need to work to make it a more efficient part of my routine!

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I didn’t really mean to go silent for the entire month of December. It was definitely a more busy month with a kiddo in school though! We kept busy and we dealt with sickness, which apparently is our winter theme.

Anyway, I’ve actually been trying to get to this post for a couple weeks now. But for various reasons I haven’t gotten to it. I couldn’t get my photos to upload from my phone and then we were busy for about three weeks straight and then we all got sick again.

So without further adieu, our December round up, starting with the most recent.
Christmas morning at Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim’s house. This year we traveled to their new house in Lake St. Louis, MO, and stayed there and got plenty of quality time with them and cousins Carson and Cole as well as Grandma and Grandpa Durso. I’ll have a full Christmas post, hopefully sooner than I got around to writing this post! Its a good thing the kids aren’t old enough to wake up at the crack of dawn and tear into presents right away, because they had to wait a while until Carson and Cole got home from their dad’s house before opening presents from Santa. They were perfectly content playing with presents they’d gotten the night before.
December 18 was Allie’s first ever school Christmas program. It was the cutest thing ever. I’m sure as the years go by we will get tired of these, but right now it was super cute and fun. Unfortunately I forgot the good camera that day, so I only got photos on my phone. I took videos too, but I have to pay extra to be able to post videos on this blog.
Peyton enjoyed the show too. He was pretty tired and got a little cranky… luckily I introduced the fun of coloring on Mama’s phone (using the toddler lock app) so we got through it.
The kids wore reindeer antlers made from their hand prints. Adorable. Allie didn’t really feel like taking this picture though. Look how tall she is!
The next day Allie didn’t seem right in the morning and then I got a call from daycare that she’d complained her ear hurt. Allie officially had her first ear infection. I realize we have been SO lucky with this… we made it more than five years before our first ear infection! Peyton hasn’t had one yet either. Luckily we were able to get into the doctor and get medicine and the kids still got to spend that weekend with their cousins in Rockford so Mama and Dada could get the Christmas shopping done.

And a goofy picture of the kiddos together. I finally moved Peyton’s high chair to sit him at the table. Unfortunately we have a different table than we had when Allie was his age, and his chair doesn’t fit in order to sit up to the table. So he’s next to the table still using his tray.
I say this all the time, but I just love how the kids play together and have each other’s backs. Peyton has been so lovey toward Allie when she’s been sick this weekend (she’s finally better we think!)
The Monday of the week with the Christmas program, so the 15th I’m pretty sure, we went to our daycare Christmas party. This was a lot of fun with good food, daycare friends and plenty of running around for the kids. Nearly five years later, I still feel really blessed to have such a great daycare and great friends!
The weekend before, on the 13th, we were planning to see the Christmas choo choo train exhibit at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Instead, Peyton woke up with pinkeye, so we stayed home. I took Allie grocery shopping and bought a cookie decorating kit, because Mama doesn’t do sugar cookies. I’ve tried and failed. This was a fun way to do the cookies without all the work.
Peyton enjoyed the cookies, for the sugar, I’m sure, as well as the opportunity to look like Santa.
See his poor pink eyes? He had a cold at the same time, so we weren’t sure if it was pinkeye or just the effect of the cold. The doctor just prescribed the drops. Either way, no one else got pinkeye, thank goodness.
A pre-pinkeye picture, showing how much Peyton loves yogurt. He loves it so much and makes a huge mess. It seems like his favorite foods are the ones that make huge messes. Its a hard balance.
The last an earliest highlight in December was Mama’s birthday. Even saying I turned 29 again makes me old, so I’ll just say I turned 34 and it was a fun time. We started the weekend before with a date night, courtesy of my good friend and well-liked baby sitter, Joanna. The next morning, the kids woke up and Mama and Dada didn’t wake up in time, so Allie climbed into his crib. I keep telling her not to, yet I still laugh at her when she does it.
My other birthday weekend tradition, making Christmas cookies. I never have enough time to make all the Christmas cookies I’d like. But we did have plenty of cookies.
My birthday is Dec. 8, which was a Monday. We went to a birthday dinner at Applebee’s. The restaurant wasn’t crowded and the kids were actually good! We managed to keep Peyts occupied and if I remember, both kids actually ate. That’s all it takes for a meal out to be a win for us! We need to stop going out both to save money and to keep Mr. Peyts from annoying other diners. He’s reached that age.
Allie told everyone in the restaurant it was my birthday. So when I took her to the bathroom our waitress asked Dada if he’d like them to sing to me. And he said “of course!” It was a little embarrassing, but I got a free dessert!
And last, Allie was so sweet. She made a card and Bridget got her some flowers to give me. Allie insisted on holding them all the way from daycare, to picking me up from work, to the restaurant, to home. So they got pretty beat up. But I loved them!
And that’s our December, minus our Christmas trip. Hopefully that post will come a little sooner than this one!