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I didn’t really mean to go silent for the entire month of December. It was definitely a more busy month with a kiddo in school though! We kept busy and we dealt with sickness, which apparently is our winter theme.

Anyway, I’ve actually been trying to get to this post for a couple weeks now. But for various reasons I haven’t gotten to it. I couldn’t get my photos to upload from my phone and then we were busy for about three weeks straight and then we all got sick again.

So without further adieu, our December round up, starting with the most recent.
Christmas morning at Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim’s house. This year we traveled to their new house in Lake St. Louis, MO, and stayed there and got plenty of quality time with them and cousins Carson and Cole as well as Grandma and Grandpa Durso. I’ll have a full Christmas post, hopefully sooner than I got around to writing this post! Its a good thing the kids aren’t old enough to wake up at the crack of dawn and tear into presents right away, because they had to wait a while until Carson and Cole got home from their dad’s house before opening presents from Santa. They were perfectly content playing with presents they’d gotten the night before.
December 18 was Allie’s first ever school Christmas program. It was the cutest thing ever. I’m sure as the years go by we will get tired of these, but right now it was super cute and fun. Unfortunately I forgot the good camera that day, so I only got photos on my phone. I took videos too, but I have to pay extra to be able to post videos on this blog.
Peyton enjoyed the show too. He was pretty tired and got a little cranky… luckily I introduced the fun of coloring on Mama’s phone (using the toddler lock app) so we got through it.
The kids wore reindeer antlers made from their hand prints. Adorable. Allie didn’t really feel like taking this picture though. Look how tall she is!
The next day Allie didn’t seem right in the morning and then I got a call from daycare that she’d complained her ear hurt. Allie officially had her first ear infection. I realize we have been SO lucky with this… we made it more than five years before our first ear infection! Peyton hasn’t had one yet either. Luckily we were able to get into the doctor and get medicine and the kids still got to spend that weekend with their cousins in Rockford so Mama and Dada could get the Christmas shopping done.

And a goofy picture of the kiddos together. I finally moved Peyton’s high chair to sit him at the table. Unfortunately we have a different table than we had when Allie was his age, and his chair doesn’t fit in order to sit up to the table. So he’s next to the table still using his tray.
I say this all the time, but I just love how the kids play together and have each other’s backs. Peyton has been so lovey toward Allie when she’s been sick this weekend (she’s finally better we think!)
The Monday of the week with the Christmas program, so the 15th I’m pretty sure, we went to our daycare Christmas party. This was a lot of fun with good food, daycare friends and plenty of running around for the kids. Nearly five years later, I still feel really blessed to have such a great daycare and great friends!
The weekend before, on the 13th, we were planning to see the Christmas choo choo train exhibit at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Instead, Peyton woke up with pinkeye, so we stayed home. I took Allie grocery shopping and bought a cookie decorating kit, because Mama doesn’t do sugar cookies. I’ve tried and failed. This was a fun way to do the cookies without all the work.
Peyton enjoyed the cookies, for the sugar, I’m sure, as well as the opportunity to look like Santa.
See his poor pink eyes? He had a cold at the same time, so we weren’t sure if it was pinkeye or just the effect of the cold. The doctor just prescribed the drops. Either way, no one else got pinkeye, thank goodness.
A pre-pinkeye picture, showing how much Peyton loves yogurt. He loves it so much and makes a huge mess. It seems like his favorite foods are the ones that make huge messes. Its a hard balance.
The last an earliest highlight in December was Mama’s birthday. Even saying I turned 29 again makes me old, so I’ll just say I turned 34 and it was a fun time. We started the weekend before with a date night, courtesy of my good friend and well-liked baby sitter, Joanna. The next morning, the kids woke up and Mama and Dada didn’t wake up in time, so Allie climbed into his crib. I keep telling her not to, yet I still laugh at her when she does it.
My other birthday weekend tradition, making Christmas cookies. I never have enough time to make all the Christmas cookies I’d like. But we did have plenty of cookies.
My birthday is Dec. 8, which was a Monday. We went to a birthday dinner at Applebee’s. The restaurant wasn’t crowded and the kids were actually good! We managed to keep Peyts occupied and if I remember, both kids actually ate. That’s all it takes for a meal out to be a win for us! We need to stop going out both to save money and to keep Mr. Peyts from annoying other diners. He’s reached that age.
Allie told everyone in the restaurant it was my birthday. So when I took her to the bathroom our waitress asked Dada if he’d like them to sing to me. And he said “of course!” It was a little embarrassing, but I got a free dessert!
And last, Allie was so sweet. She made a card and Bridget got her some flowers to give me. Allie insisted on holding them all the way from daycare, to picking me up from work, to the restaurant, to home. So they got pretty beat up. But I loved them!
And that’s our December, minus our Christmas trip. Hopefully that post will come a little sooner than this one!


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