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I always have a hard time considering “new years resolutions.” I suppose because I hate calling them that. I hate calling them that, but I do make them. So here they are!

1. Run two half marathons. My goal half for spring was going to be Green Bay, but my sister Jocelyn is graduating from college, so we will be traveling just a few weeks before that race. So I’ll pick one of the local spring races. Based on how last year went, if I want to run two half marathons, I need the first to be in May. The second would be probably September or October. It could be November, but weather always gets iffy when you get to November.

2. Run 750 miles. I always start the year at a disadvantage, it seems. Today is Jan. 7 and I have yet to run a mile… THANK YOU FLU!

3. Add more cross training to my workout routine and find a way to fit that in between a full running schedule in the spring and summer.

The running ones are always the easiest!

4. Make the changes necessary to rein in my diet. The way I plan our meals, I have the framework in place to eat well. I just flat out choose not to, especially over the last few months. I need to figure out better snacking at work. I also need to make myself stop eating the candy and junk that’s always plentiful around the office! I had wanted to join Weight Watchers, but for right now I’m going to see what I can accomplish with free help. One of the biggest goals I have in this area is food prep and planning.

5. Work to organize our house and keep it clean. I feel like I’ve been doing better with keeping on top of chores lately. I work as often as I can to do organizational things. This is really important since we are hoping to move this year. There is so much stuff to get rid of!

6. Get back on the blog train! My blog posts have declined in the last two years. And its not like we have nothing going on! In addition to writing about the kids and running, hopefully I can write about my efforts on these goals!

7. Work harder to be more patient with my kids and enjoy our time! This is such a challenge so much of the time and I am sad to say I don’t react well all the time.

I kind of treat the fitness goals as one whole goal… at least I will this year or else I think I may have set too many! I am sure I can do it though. A lot of these goals I’ve gotten the framework in place. I just need to work to make it a more efficient part of my routine!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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