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Better late than never, Christmas 2014

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It seems like I write the Christmas post later every year! But here it is finally!

Christmas Eve we met Grandma and Grandpa Durso at the mall in Chesterfield, MO. We went to see Santa, and like always seems to happen, when we went to see him after lunch, he was on a break feeding the reindeer. So we had to kill an hour and already its a good thing Peyton did take a sort-of nap, sleeping on Uncle Tim.

There was a man who had a kiosk selling balloon animals. Allie chose a puppy and really enjoyed watching him work.
037 038
Since Allie enjoyed it so much, and probably because he was done with the kiosk, he gave Allie this crown free. She loved it, but it proved a little problematic for pictures because it cause a lot of static with her hair.044
For Peyton, we chose a monkey, and he got a monkey hanging from a tree, albeit, upside down in this picture.
After that, we walked around a couple stores and then we rode the carousel. We love carousels!
047 049
After that we went back to see Santa. Unfortunately even though we got there a good 10 minutes before he reopened, there was a line, complete with people saving spots for others, so we had to wait awhile.
By this time Peyton was getting quite cranky. We had him in the stroller but while we were standing in line we let him out. He was really interested in playing with the buckle on his stroller. Every time the line would move forward, he’d get mad that we moved him along with it. When we picked him up to take him to Santa, he was not happy. This is the result:
This wasn’t so much his reaction to Santa. I’m not even sure he knew he was seeing Santa! But we have a nice picture to use as blackmail as he gets older.
We were able to get another picture with just Allie and Santa. She was so excited to see Santa. She talked to him for a few minutes while we were looking at pictures and told us later she’d asked for a stuffed animal reindeer. Since no one had heard this request before… she didn’t end up getting the reindeer, but didn’t seem to be bothered by that. She was more excited that Santa brought presents to her and Peyton at Aunt Julies and at our home!

After this, we left the mall and went to hang out for a few minutes at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Festus. After that we went to see Doug’s Uncle Mark, Aunt Doreen and Cousin Megan. This was the first time I have ever met any of Doug’s extended family other than meeting Megan at a St. Louis Rams game years ago that she obviously didn’t remember. The only reason I remember is just the fact that after seven years of marriage, I have only just this Christmas met any extended family since none of them came to our wedding. Anyway, they seemed nice enough and we had a nice visit. The men did a shot of whiskey, which is a Durso family tradition. The kids had water in shot glasses and it was so funny! It is a shame I didn’t get a picture of Peyton because he drank that shot like a pro!
Then we headed back to Julie and Tim’s for Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa Durso, Tim’s parents and his kids.
Peyton really wasn’t interested in opening presents on Christmas Eve. He had recovered from his tantrums at the mall and was more interested in climbing up and down the stairs in the background here. That was really fun for Mama and Dada to chase him!
Allie was really excited to open presents though…
Especially when she opened this Doc McStuffins dress up outfit!
Its Doc McAllie!
Allie helped Aunt July pick out cookies to leave for Santa. She picked a bunch of cookies for him, and he ate them all and left crumbs to prove it.
Then on Christmas morning when Carson and Cole came home from their Dad’s, there were more presents to open!
Peyton was more interested in opening presents this time.
But he also did this a lot… he’s perfected his tantrums… he was very short on sleep by Christmas morning.
Allie got a Doc McStuffins activity book that she immediately set to work on coloring and filling with stickers.
Until she had more presents to open.
Peyton liked the Super Grover and the dump truck that Santa brought him.
Santa brought stockings too!
089 088
We hung around the house for a couple hours and then headed back to Grandma and Grandpa’s for presents and food at their house. It was super nice weather when we were in Missouri. Most everyone got some time in playing outside. The big kids and adults played football. Peyton was running around and face planted on the cement and got a huge scab on his nose.
He liked opening his presents.
Allie got this cool Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile toy that really walks! I think since we got home Peyton has been playing a lot more with this.
And then Christmas morning part II, on the Saturday after Christmas. We got home Friday night and found Santa had left the presents under the tree. But we had dinner and put the kids to bed right away and opened the next morning. Among the highlights were the new comfy chairs we got both kids! You can see Peyton’s scab here. It kept getting worse for about five days afterward! The scab finally came off but his nose is actually still red in that spot.
And the last present opening pictures. The kids enjoyed it but they may have even been getting burned out with opening presents by the time this was all over! I think when we travel for Christmas from now on, Santa will just bring all the presents to where ever we’re staying.

So that’s it! Later that day Doug got sick with what became the flu and it started about a week and a half of a sick house. Allie got the flu and I got a sinus/upper respiratory infection. Luckily Peyton didn’t get anything. I am sure it was definitely less severe since we all got the flu shot. And I am so grateful Peyton didn’t get sick. He was sick for a couple weeks before Christmas with pinkeye and a cold… maybe he’s the one who started the whole thing. Anyway, we still haven’t gotten to have “Christmas” with my family, which was going to be dinner at our house the Saturday Doug got sick. I’m hoping to reschedule that soon. It was a stressful ending (and honestly, stressful throughout… Christmas with an almost-2-year old was exhausting!), but it was a lot of fun. I wish we could see that side of the family more than the two or three times a year we usually do. We all got a little sad when we left Grandma and Grandpa’s on Christmas night.


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