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The last few weeks I’ve been trying to make changes and get back to actually trying to lose this baby weight. Because I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t just drop it all upon giving birth. And somehow as happened with Allie, I’ve managed to hang onto the remaining too much weight for way too long.

I was lulled into thinking I was doing a better job losing the weight after having Peyton. I didn’t gain quite as much with him and I lost more of it sooner while breastfeeding. I even dropped a couple pounds without really trying after I stopped breastfeeding. But then the weight loss stopped. And for awhile it didn’t really matter to me. Even though we have the framework in place to eat well, for awhile I was flat out choosing not to. This got even worse over the holidays.

Well, I’m finally starting to do something about it. Between Christmas and being sick, I didn’t work out much for about a month. A couple weeks ago I finally got back on the workout wagon and have been working out four days a week for the past three weeks. I have been running on Monday, Friday and Saturday and going to spin class on Wednesday. These are my first spin classes in at least two years, so they have been tough. But I am feeling stronger and I can tell they are helping me feel stronger in running.

My weight didn’t budge for the first two weeks. I didn’t go down but it also didn’t go up, so I guess that was good. I’m starting to feel frustration by how I look and how some of my clothes are fitting. In the past I’ve been successful with Weight Watchers online, but we don’t have the money this year to spend on that subscription, so I need something free. Yesterday I finally got around to putting one of my goals into motion. I joined My Fitness Pal online and started logging my food and exercise! So it really started yesterday, but I didn’t get around to writing the blog post until today.

I signed up yesterday using the weight I’d had for three weeks. But I got a nice surprise when I weighed this morning and found I had actually lost a pound in the last week and a half or so since I had last stepped on the scale. Finally I’m making some progress!

But its not going to continue unless I am really making an effort.

Initially I set up My Fitness Pal goal to lost a pound and a half a week. But that set my goal calories for the day to 1,250, which I knew was not realistic in the slightest. I came in under that goal yesterday, but I think its in part because I know I didn’t log some things correctly. I just used generic versions of some of the meals I had. I added about 100 calories to the generic beef stew I logged yesterday when I put in my recipe after lunch today.

Anyway, I’ve changed my goal to lose 1 pound a week and it upped my calories to 1,500, which I think is much more attainable. On days I exercise I can eat extra calories, so that will help with energy. My other goals are carbs 188 g, fat 50g and protein 75 g. The carb goal isn’t all that different from the goal I had when I lost the weight for the first time way way back when I was seeing the nutritionist in 2008-2009 and counting carbs was really helpful that time. My food log also shows sodium and sugar intake, both of which are already above my goal before getting to dinner. One thing at a time…

One thing that is really cool is I got the MFP app for my phone and it has a barcode scanner for logging foods! So that makes it so easy to scan things at home rather than search for them in the data base.

I am already feeling really positive about this. Doug and I are working together to identify our weaknesses and possible fixes. My weaknesses include too much candy available at work, coffee drinks, ice cream, and eating poorly on the weekends. I’m already working on changing those as I’ve really decreased the amount of candy I eat at work now!

Definitely in the next few months I know I will be successful at finally shedding this baby weight and hopefully more! I am going to post it here in the interest of being real. My starting weight as of this morning is 201. My goal is 145. That’s the weight that would for the first time in my life (at least since childhood?) that I would have a body mass index in the normal weight range. My lowest weight in recent years has been 171. It will take some time, but I do believe I can do it.


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