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Well it is obvious that of all the goals I had for the new year, regular blogging is one I have not made much progress on!

But I have more exciting things to report today.

After two weeks tracking almost every bite that has gone into my mouth (admittedly, last Sunday I ate so poorly I decided not to log that day! And I know I have missed a little something here and there), I have lost nearly 3 pounds! I’ve lost 2.8 pounds to be exact. Updated weight as of this morning is 198.2. My current small weight loss goal is 195. That has been my lowest weight in the last few months. Everything now is progress, but I will feel like I’m really on my way once I get below 195.

I am learning that I was correct, my base eating habits are good. In logging my food each day, I’ve been a lot more conscious of the candy I eat at work or the food I choose for breakfast. I pay attention to the calories I drink. Don’t get me wrong… I definitely don’t stay under my calorie goal every day. But most days even if I go over, its still under the amount that would result in a calorie deficit. Doug is tracking his food too and we are starting to make different decisions as far as the groceries we buy each week. A pair of jeans that has been problematic in how they fit are already fitting better. I can’t wait until I can finally pull smaller jeans out of the box in my closet and have some of them fit! Its going to happen. I’m actually pretty surprised at how quickly I snapped back into the smarter eating habit.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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