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Last week Doug and I signed a lease to rent a three bedroom two bathroom house about 15 minutes east of our current home. While we’ve dreamed about our next move being to our forever home that we would own, right now we need more space and it makes more sense to rent. We saw a few duplexes but feel really lucky to have gotten a house. This house has a wonderful fenced in back yard and a great master suite! Admittedly the reason a house was in our rental budget may be because it doesn’t have a basement or a garage, which will be a challenge.

So now we’re working to start packing and also to downsize all our stuff! We have a basement full of stuff right now that won’t fit in the new house. Last week Doug and I both cleaned out our closets. I think he bagged more than half his wardrobe to give away to Goodwill. It’s been a while since I purged my wardrobe too as I took out four bags and I am sure there will be more as we go.

The packing has started too with the upstairs bookshelf. That’s always the easiest place to start packing I think. I separated books into boxes to take and to give away and ended up keeping a lot more than I thought I would. I did get a full box to give away though.

We get our keys a week from Friday and will start moving a few things in as we can. We are hoping to get movers the first week in April to actually make the full transition.

It is kind of bittersweet to move out of our first home. But it makes a lot more sense to move than to keep trying to make do with not enough space. I’m just hoping we can get rid of enough stuff that our third bedroom doesn’t become the surrogate basement. There also isn’t a ton of storage through the house but we do have ideas.

So many things keep coming to mind about why the new house will be better and that is keeping some of the sadness at bay when I think about the pending change (or the annoyance that will come with no longer having a garage!). The room the kids will use has a sun room attached that will become the new toy space. We hope to minimize the toys that go in the living room… I say minimize because I know we can’t keep them out completely! It will be nice though to have a dedicated toy space for all the big things that take up so much of our living room right now.

The house is I believe a bungalow style and was actually moved to its current lot from a neighborhood by the zoo. Its been all remodeled in the past four years. I can’t wait to take my own pictures of it. There were pictures on the rental listing, but that’s been taken down since the house is rented!

Two bedrooms are on the first floor. The second bedroom downstairs will initially be “office/storage” until we get more organized and decide if it needs to be something else. The kids could have their own rooms, but Allie still wants to share. The kids will have their own full bathroom (well, to share with the downstairs) so they can have as many bath toys as they want. The master suite is the entire second floor. Our bedroom is bigger than our current, though without all the closet space (we really lucked out on closets in our current house I’m realizing as we are cleaning them out). The bathroom has double sinks and a separate tub and shower! Its the stuff of House Hunters dreams!

It will be nice to keep the kids and dog all on the first floor. The dog has slept in our room forever, but she won’t after we move. The door to our room is at the bottom of the stairs, so we don’t have to gate off stairs anymore. The kitchen/dining/living room is all open and we’ll only need a gate to separate the kitchen from the rest of it, and maybe not all the time as Peyton gets older.

The kids will have the run of the downstairs so hopefully that will facilitate more playing in their room and having more space in general for everyone to spread out. And having the kids downstairs will make things easier with getting to bed and getting up in the morning and the general flow of the house, not having to navigate all the baby gates. Not to mention how nice it will be that all four of us won’t share the same full bathroom.

The front of the house has windows all the way across. It looks like it has a sun room through the whole length, but its actually divided into two. We thought that was kind of weird at first, but it will actually be nice. The sun room in the kids room will be for toys and the sun room at the entrance will be our mudroom! We’ll leave all our shoes and coats and things in there and they won’t accumulate all over my desk and the first floor as they do now! I don’t remember having a coat closet though so we will have to figure that part out. I’m also hoping we can set it up some how to have another sitting area out there as well.

The kitchen will have more storage than our current kitchen does so that we can get rid of some of the extra carts we have right now and have more room in the dining area. Its all a better shape and flow, and though I don’t really love the open concept, it will work for now.

Oh and throughout the house there are really nice wooden blinds!

Perhaps the biggest thing we love is the yard. I think it will be great for Monk, though at first she certainly won’t understand when we let her go outside without her leash! There’s a great deck and we’ll have to get a patio set for it. The owners of the home are taking their patio set with them but they are leaving the swing set, which we are so excited about! The kids (well, Allie) are so excited to have a yard. It will be so much fun to just run around outside in our own space. We’ll get a basketball hoop and a kiddie pool for in the summer.

The only down sides right now are that if I remember correctly, the washer and dryer are small. They are stacked, so I doubt they are huge. Plus there isn’t a ton of space in the utility room in general, so laundry can’t sit around forever! Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. There isn’t a ton of storage throughout the house. The only carpet is upstairs, the downstairs is all hardwood. Some people love hardwood, but I really don’t. At least not right now. We are planning on getting some area rugs to make it more comfortable.

We’ve been working up to this point for a while now. Its finally all in motion, but unfortunately we still have to wait!

One goal we had for our move was to move into the Oregon school district since we are already open enrolled there. This house, while still in Madison, is in the school district. Its also right around the corner from day care! In fact, it was from Bridget that we learned the people who lived in the house were moving and going to put the house up for rent. We first learned of the house last fall, but it took a few months for it to be put up for rent.

The area of the house is right next to the city, but also a secluded country-like setting. There aren’t sidewalks. But the little alcove neighborhood area has a dead end road and there isn’t going to be a lot of traffic. In addition to being around the corner from day care, day care friends are next door and across the street! Apparently the kids are just outside all over in the summer. It sounds like a lot of fun, more neighborly than our condo setting.

Another cool thing is it is near the Capital City trail. The Capital City trail is I think a 20 mile circle around the city for running and biking and it also connects to other running/biking trails as well. That along with the long streets around will make for plenty of run possibility. It will take some getting used to running in this setting. There aren’t sidewalks but the roads all have a decent shoulder from what I’ve seen. But I won’t be running in the dark, at least not until I get used to my surroundings. There are a couple different ways I can take to get to the path too, so hopefully it doesn’t get too much into the boring out and back runs I hate. And while there are a lot of running routes outside, right now we are planning on keeping our membership at Gold’s Gym too. That will be nice because we have such a good rate there and I’m not sure what is nearby. It will be a longer drive so we will have to take that into account for morning workouts.

I keep going on and on, but as I write I keep coming up with things we love about the house and its location. It is in our school district but also in a much better area to improve our commute. I would have liked actually moving into Oregon but I think it is much better to be in the middle between Oregon and Madison. We loved living on the west side, but I’ve realized most of what we do is more toward the east side. Doug works on the west side but it will be a much better commute by next year to have Allie take the bus to school, drop Peyton off at day care around the corner, drop me off at work downtown and Doug drive over to the west side. Where we live now Doug essentially drives in a long circle every day. Our commute is going to be cut in half.

But first we have to pack up and move. Oy! Allie has been pretty funny through this whole process. I started the packing last Thursday when she and I were home. She helped me when I was cleaning out my closet. She had all sorts of questions about packing. “Are we taking this?” “Are we taking this?” I explained to her we are taking all our stuff but we are also packing some stuff to give to other people who need it. She likes that idea, but apparently not for her stuff. Well, she likes to give her old clothes to her baby cousin Evelyn. But I tried to get her to pick toys to give away on Saturday and she wouldn’t. That’s why I purge toys when the kids aren’t home!


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