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Today, March 9, I have already run 19.5 miles this month. That is great, considering I only ran 19.5 miles in all of February! I was sick at the beginning and the end of February. In fact, I logged very few miles at the beginning of both January and February because of sickness. I am hopeful the string of sickness is gone!

I am feeling really good in my running right now. I’ve been able to get outside the last two weekends and I expect to get outside in the mornings now that its warming up. Since daylight savings hit and its dark in the morning again, I need to wait until the temps stay above freezing overnight and/or until everything is melted, because the ice gets really bad when all the melt refreezes!

My speed is pretty good outside, and I feel like I’m even improving my strength on the treadmill.

I’ve made a few decisions about this year. I made a running goal for 2015, and I’m changing my mind on both. I don’t want to have a yearly mileage goal anymore. I want to run what I want to run. I have a hard time getting started in the year because of winter and being sick (looking at my timehop, I get sick every February, except luckily for two years ago after Peyton was born!). So every year starts out tough because I’m so focused on making up missed mileage. Mileage goals don’t really do anything for me anyway. For now I will just be happy to try and improve from one month to the next.

I am also deciding that a spring half marathon isn’t in the books for me. We need to be careful of our budget and, like last year, I haven’t been able to get the training in so far to feel like I could run a May half marathon well. Even if I had gotten in the training, we are moving in the next month and then traveling in early May. Those events leave plenty of opportunities for missed training.

These decisions aren’t bad at all. I feel fine getting rid of goals because I’ve come to discover I run right now not because of the goal of training for a certain mileage, but because I like it! Imagine that.

I still want to run a half marathon this year. And as tough as the Madison Mini was with the heat last August, I will admit I’m not ruling that race out because I liked the atmosphere of the event. But I will just see what happens. I want to do some other races too. Even though I run because I like it, I also like to run races. And I feel like I’m finally getting faster again, so I want to test that out. But again with budget and moving, I don’t have any races in mind right now. I wish I had signed up for next weekend’s Shamrock Shuffle because next weekend will be even more gorgeous than this past one was. But at this point its $35 without a shirt. If I run a race, I want the shirt! I guess for now I will keep working to get stronger on each run and in a few weeks start running through my new neighborhood. Crazylegs at the end of April will likely be my first 2015 race.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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