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Tomorrow we finally get our keys for the new house! We’ve started packing but have a long way to go. We are most excited just to see the inside again and to take the kids! We are going to start moving things in right away, including a card table and chairs. Our plan is to get a pizza and eat dinner there tomorrow night!

Its been a tough week! Allie wasn’t feeling well and we suspected strep. Turns out we were right. Dada stayed home with her yesterday and we got a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Then that morning Peyton spiked a fever and I had to get him from daycare. We were able to get him in the doctor’s too so they could test both kids for strep. Peyton doesn’t have strep though. He just had a bug! We need both kids to go to daycare tomorrow so we can get things taken care of with the house, and at this point it looks like both kids will go!

In other news… remember my post earlier this week when I was kicking myself for not signing up for the Shamrock Shuffle since its going to be so nice this weekend? That Crazylegs would be my first race of the year? Well last night I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I ended up signing up about an hour before online registration ended! I don’t sign up for races if I don’t get a shirt. I don’t get a shirt automatically, but I can pay $10 to get it shipped to me later. I will see if I like the shirt and possibly order one.

It’s kind of strange to me because I haven’t wanted to run a race this much in a while. So I figured I should! The registration process asked for a predicted time. I think they have some kind of corral system since this is another of Madison’s races that gets bigger and bigger. I predicted 38 minutes. I figure I run outside about a 12:15 pace and will run the race faster. So it will be fun to see the results! I considered signing up for the 10K. My longest run recently is 4.5 miles. I probably could have eeked out 6.2, except for the infamous Observatory Hill on the race route. I’m not sure if the hill is on the course once or twice. Once is quite enough! I haven’t run this race in a few years and I’m sure the route could have changed, but I think the last time it was only on the course once.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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