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Zoo day in the sun!

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Finally after such cold for so long, its warming up here! Last weekend the temps got warm and everyone was healthy, so we went to the zoo on Sunday!
We started in the Rain Forest building and got so hot! That was kind of weird after so much cold.
Allie really wanted to see the penguins. They weren’t up for a show I guess. I don’t remember if they have more that maybe weren’t on display or if this was all they have.
013 015
The kids liked looking at them though! Allie kept asking them to go swimming.
We decided Peyton wanted to see the monkeys, and on the way we stopped by the tiger. He sure was up for a show! He was walking around and roaring.
021 022 025
After the tiger was the giraffe. I think this picture of Peyton was my favorite! His reaction to this guy…
026 027
Allie likes these photo ops! It was very muddy though so she was the only one who did it.
The seals were active though! No pictures of them, but Dada got a nice picture of me and the kids! Last summer I don’t think Peyton was really aware of most of the animals. He was on Sunday!
The lion was just sitting in the sun. A sign on the other side of the lion enclosure said that rock is heated.
Last but not least, we made it to the monkeys! They were a little disappointing as most of them were asleep. But we liked comparing our arm spans to primate arm spans.
034 035
The Vilas Zoo is one of the things we love most about Madison. It is a pretty small zoo and its easy to see everything within a couple hours. If we don’t see every thing, we know we can easily come back another time. We saw all the animals that were out in about an hour. I am looking forward to the opening of the brand new bear exhibit. I think that is supposed to open this fall. Anyway, after the zoo we had another treat with McDonald’s for lunch, and ate at the McDonald’s! We usually take the food home because we never know how the kids will behave. They did well though!


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