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Here’s our new house! Its so cute!


This is the entry sun room. There are two sun rooms. One at the entry and the other off the kids room. The entry will serve as a mud room but we will also put some chairs out there! As cliche as this sounds… I love all the light!


Here is the view through the dining and living area toward the entry. I also love the colors. Its not generic apartment white and a nice serene feel.


And looking from the entry toward the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised the main level is bigger than I remembered!


I think the counter and cabinet space is about the same or a little more. But there is a pantry. There’s also another pantry/linen closet around the corner. So I can more easily store things without extra carts in the way like in our current kitchen. The fridge and stove are brand new too! When we saw the house the old stove was still in the middle of the kitchen.


This is the kids room looking through to the second sun room. The bedroom is smaller than what they have now, but the sun room adds space for toys! I think Allie’s dresser will have to go in there too. The only potential problem is the kids room is right next to the living room. You can hear everything even with the door closed. I am hoping once the house is filled with furniture that will muffle the sound.


Here’s the third bedroom. Initially it will be storage but I am hoping it won’t always be. I would like it to be an office/den. Another thing I really love is all the ceiling fans in the house!


Our master bedroom! Its bigger than what we have now. The upstairs is only our room, which I like a lot. There’s only one closet but its bigger and has a shoe rack. There are also a couple crawl space storage areas. Unfortunately these are the only real storage spaces in the house.


The master bathroom! I’ve never been a bath person, but I see myself becoming a bath person. The tub has jets! There are also double sinks and a nice looking rain shower head.


Last but not least… the back yard! Maybe this is the best part! The owner took the patio set (its a huge great deck!), but left that swing set. There’s also a little garden plot behind the swing set. Something I don’t love in the back yard is the chicken coop. We have no interest in getting chickens. We need to find a way to padlock it so the kids can’t play in there. But we realized since it is covered we can use that for some outdoor storage until we can get a shed. Doug is trying to decide if we want to pay someone else to mow the lawn or buy a mower and do it ourselves. It is a big yard with a lot of trees. We will initially have a lot of cleanup because leaves didn’t get raked before the snow fell. I honestly don’t mind the idea of lawn work… but I am sure that will change when I really have to do it! At least its looking like we won’t have to shovel snow.

Doug is excited the owner left the basketball hoop in the driveway. There’s also a dog house still in the back yard.

Friday we did our move in check list and brought a couple loads of boxes in. I’ve already put some stuff away in the kitchen! We’re working on some cleaning and bought an area rug for the living room. I can’t decide if its big enough. Tomorrow we are planning on taking some more stuff over there. We want to take the kids to play in the yard more but I think one of us will have to stay home with Peyts who is still not completely well.

Friday night was so fun. We know a bunch of people in the neighborhood already from daycare. They came over and ran around for a while. It already feels more neighborly than the place we are leaving. Its funny too because I didn’t really think of it as a neighborhood but now I do. We have to get rules in place for Allie though because it will be hard to keep track of her! I also realized Monk will go crazy barking at all the kids outside. But we can also put Monk outside!

We had our Little Ceasar’s pizza Friday night and it was not ideal! No more meals at the new house until we have furniture! It was still fun to have the kids there. Peyton just ran all around the rooms. We are looking around April 8 for moving.

We have so much to do to move! As much as I want to get the movers now, there’s a lot to do before we get to that point. It is a challenge moving from a place with a lot of storage to one with practically none. We have gotten rid of a lot but still have a bunch to go. A large portion is baby clothes. Girl clothes will go to cousin Evelyn but I think as much as I don’t want to go this route I may have to take the boy clothes to goodwill. I would rather save them for someone we know, but we don’t have the space.

It is a little surreal thinking about leaving this house. I know it is the right move for us now, but still a little sad! But everything is positive and like i already said, this is the right move for us.


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