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I don’t follow sports the way I used to. I became a football and basketball fan when I first started at The Southern Illinoisan in 2003 mainly because I was on a night staff of mostly guys and I figured I needed to have some level of familiarity in order to participate in the conversations. It eventually became a way for me to get to know my husband as well.

But in recent years since we moved away from Carbondale and newspapers and I have other things to occupy my time, I’m not quite as into it as I used to be. In fact, I don’t often sit to watch an entire game of anything, even my favorite teams. One thing I still do is an NCAA tournament bracket. We used to get into big brackets at work and whatnot. Now we just have us four Dursos in our family bracket. Mama and Dada usually have a friendly “bet,” where the winner gets a giftcard of his/her choice or gets to pick the activities for the next date night.

So before the tournament started last Thursday, we all picked our brackets. Dada used his sports knowledge, Mama picked mostly random but with the Badgers winning, Allie picked by mascot and Peyton picked via coin flip. And the brackets so far are having the amount of success you’d expect for their method!

Peyton has 31 points (I think points is just 1 point for each game won?) and 9 teams in the Sweet 16 (which starts tonight). He only has 1 Final Four team remaining, Utah. His bracket had them losing to Baylor, whom Peyton picked as champion. Baylor lost its first game. The three Final Four teams he lost were Baylor, Wyoming and Purdue. We are actually pretty surprised at the relative success of his coin-flipper bracket, but continued success is minimal with only 1 team left in the Final Four.

Allie has 26 points, 4 Sweet 16 and 1 of her Final Four teams. She has Wisconsin and Gonzaga in the final Final Four, with the Badgers losing to Eastern Washington in the final game. Eastern Washington also lost its first game. The three teams she lost were Northeastern, Georgia and Eastern Washington.

Mama has 38 points and 8 teams in the Sweet 16. I lost Villanova and Iowa State from my Final Four and I have Wisconsin and Kentucky in the Final Four with Wisconsin beating Kentucky. I think I had my final game with the Badgers winning over Villanova.

Dada has 41 points and 10 left in the Sweet 16. He has two left in the Final Four, like me Kentucky vs. the Badgers and the Badgers winning. He’s lost Villanova and SMU from his Final Four.

The first day of the tournament was brutal for the Dursos with both kids losing their champions. None of us got out of the first weekend with more than 2 Final Four teams. I’m not sure how Mama and Dada will shake out in our competition since we had the same game and same results for one of the Final Four games. I sure would like to get myself a gift card though!

Peyton has no concept of the basketball. Dada did his coin-flipper bracket one night after the kids were in bed. Peyton will get excited about anything we get excited about though, so that’s fun.

Allie picked her mascots on the way home from work one day. Dada didn’t know every mascot though and made up some of them. I think she may have picked Eastern Washington because Dada said they were the red hawks or something. I can’t remember now what their mascot really is. Allie thinks its fun. When Dada talks about the basketball, she asks if the brackets are playing.

Poor Dada has to watch his two favorite teams play each other tonight when the Badgers play the UNC Tarheels. He did pick the Badgers in the bracket though. But he’s feeling very conflicted about the game! We shall see who comes out victorious.


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