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The best Easter ever!

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According to Allie, anyway!

Since we always have a hard time fitting in coloring Easter eggs, Mama stopped at the store on the way home Friday and we colored eggs Friday night instead of Saturday! It was super fun and opened up our Saturday.
It was a little tough because Peyton really wanted to help. And he did, he dropped some eggs in the dye. But he also wanted to drink the egg dye and handle the eggs when they were done! So he alternated between screaming in delight and screaming in despair.
Allie really enjoyed herself.
Saturday morning we decorated the eggs with stickers. Peyton was able to participate more, but that activity had to end when Peyton ended up cracking many of the eggs. Coincidentally, Allie doesn’t like eggs at all. I don’t know if Peyton likes boiled eggs. He sometimes eats scrambled. So we have 12 boiled eggs in the fridge that didn’t even come out on Sunday and Mama and Dada have to eat! I plan to make some egg salad, but not 12 eggs’ worth!
Saturday morning we also went to the egg hunt. This year we decided to stay home and check out one in Oregon since that’s our school district. They had it inside, I’m not sure if they always have it inside or if it was because of the cold outside. They had activities besides the egg hunt, but we didn’t really do anything because it was really crowded. They did have free Culvers frozen custard though. That was yummy!
The 0-3 age group was up first. This was the typical stampede egg hunt, but they announced a 7-egg limit. So I thought that was good because in other egg hunts some kids get tons while other kids (mine!) only get a few!
It took a little prodding to get Peyton to pick up some eggs. After his egg hunt, he carried around this Nestle Crunch candy bar. I don’t know if he ended up eating it or if it melted from carrying around.
Next was Allie’s hunt, the 4-6 age group. As you can see, it wasn’t much of a hunt!
Saturday afternoon Mama went to the new house to do some cleaning the rest of the family relaxed while Peyton napped. Saturday night we ordered pizza for the Final Four. The Badgers didn’t play until after the kids went to bed. It was a good game and tense! And they won! We are looking forward to the championship game tomorrow night!

Also Saturday night, the Easter bunny came.
Allie was so excited that she woke up before 6, ugggh. Every one stayed in bed until closer to 7 though. And the kids were not disappointed by what they found in the living room! Allie said all day how much she loved her Easter basket and that this was the best Easter ever!
The Easter bunny found these M&M fans. They were a hit with both kids! They never even opened them up to eat the M&Ms!
We got some pictures of the kids dressed up, but of course Peyton didn’t want to sit next to his sister and smile for the camera. He is 2, after all.
Just look how handsome! The tie is a clip on, and was a bit discolored and apparently badly wrinkled, but still adorable! The scab on his nose is from when he took a nose dive off his little chair into the shelf under the TV. Its healing nicely!
I felt a little nostalgic since this is our last Easter in this house, last time we take pictures on this porch!
Allie was more than happy to pose for the camera though!
Next came brunch. We had to wait a few minutes when we got there, but we didn’t mind since we got to see the Easter bunny first thing!
Peyton wanted no part of a picture with the Easter bunny! Allie sure did though.
And some other pictures while we waited.
That was the only fun of this brunch, however. We were seated upstairs for the first time ever. We were in a raised booth, so the high chair wasn’t tall enough. So we got to put Peyton in a booster seat… first and last time for a while, I hope. The table also had a beer tap. Would have been fun times 10 years ago before kids… today, however, there wasn’t room for anything on the table! Oh and the best part? The tap was on. I thought they’d be turned off or something… nope. Allie pulled and beer came out and made a mess.
We did eat our brunch though. In addition to not eating, Peyton also cried the whole time. It seemed to be a theme of the weekend. He also didn’t eat much until we started letting him shove doughnuts in his face. We didn’t love this option, but it at least allowed us some peace in our meal. We wouldn’t have stayed except the brunch is expensive and the whole place was loud and crowded, so while I know we probably did disturb some people around us, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Anyway, after we were done, we decided to stop at the McKee Farms dream park around the corner to let the kids run around since it was so nice outside.
078 081
They had fun and got dirty. It was the best part of the day.
084 091 092 093 097 100 103 105
A great part of the day for me was when Peyton went down for a nap and I got out for a beautiful 6-mile run. I took a hilly route because when you get to the top of the worst hill, its a great view and a great view on the way down. I only discovered it last summer and today was the last time I’d run that particular route because I don’t go that far when I’m running in the dark. It was a really tough run. I had to take a lot of walking breaks in the first half. But it didn’t bother me. I didn’t go as fast but that didn’t bother me. It was so tough, but I was happy the whole time and never felt like it was taking forever or at the beginning like I wanted to just turn around and go home.

And now its vacation week and moving week. There are many things I won’t miss about this house, but I am feeling a little sad at the same time as I’m excited. This was our first home and we brought both our babies home from the hospital to their bedroom with the goodnight moon on the wall.

I am off tomorrow and Dada is joining me Tuesday. Those two days are prep days, moving as much as we can of the little stuff and finishing cleaning in the new house, organizing what is already there enough that we can move the furniture in. Wednesday is moving day. It was estimated to be a 6-7 hour move, so by around 3 p.m. that will be finished and the rest of the week will be spent organizing!


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