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Its like we’re on vacation! I still sort of feel like we will have to go back to the old house. Its so awesome how much things have changed in moving to this house. I’m enjoying having the kids on the first floor as well as the first floor laundry. I even like the stacked washer and dryer. In spite of its smaller capacity, its so much more convenient to have it on the main floor and I don’t have to bend over as much! And its so great having the back yard and already knowing a bunch of the neighbors. Allie spent several hours outside this weekend in the back yard and playing with other kids.
Here’s the living room with furniture! The arrangement didn’t end up how I wanted but I like it this way better I think.
And here’s the kids’ room. It has been a process to get the kids, well Peyton, sleeping well here. Every night he’s stayed up a long time in his crib. But since the kids were so tired from being outside so much yesterday, they slept until 8 and Peyton had a nice long nap today and he went to sleep much quicker tonight. We had been concerned about hearing everything because of the wooden floors. You can hear from the kids room what’s going on in the living room, but it hasn’t been an issue with sleep really.
And this is the toy room! So far this has been great! The kids do bring toys out in the living room, but we put them away in the toy rooms. I need to get some bins to organize things, but that has to wait until next weekend.
Here’s the kitchen, which has been great to work in! We actually have room for evertying and could even fit more in the storage.
I didn’t always love the idea of an open floor plan, but I’m becoming a fan.
Here’s our big bedroom! This has taken some getting used to. The first night here there were big thunderstorms and the rain got loud on that roof!
Best part of the master right here… wine and the jetted tub. Wine is great any time, but loving the jetted tub!
The house is mostly organized, as much as it can be right now. I need to find a way to stablize our big cabinet/bookcases in the living room before putting anything in them. I have some ideas and hope to get to that next weekend. I was on vacation last week and Friday managed to have a true vacation day without work! I got out for a run. This is where I get to run now!
There are a lot of trails around here, both paved and not paved. There will be a lot of variety.
Maybe the coolest is getting outside. Monk is a big fan of the yard.
We’ve slowly gotten brave enough to let Monk out in the back yard without the leash. She has gotten out in the neighborhood though already, luckily she was easily retrieved!
Peyton loves going outside. If we open the door to let Monk out, he gets upset we aren’t letting him outside.
Its so great that the weather was so nice our first weekend here! We got out for a walk yesterday too.
I can’t wait until we can get a full size patio set, but our little table will work for now with a couple extra chairs. And we can’t wait to use the grill!
We’ve still felt all crazy and disconnected, but tomorrow we get back to our routine with work and school and daycare. Last week it was great how early Dada and the kids got home. We had so much time! It will be so nice to have a shorter commute!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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  1. Love it! Such a cute house and fantastic running scenery.

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