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We don’t really live in the country. Just past the state and county park area is the city less than a mile away. But it sure feels more like the country here than what we’re used to! Examples? Well yesterday one of the things Allie did with the neighbor kids, when she was over there for three and a half hours, was catch frogs! I told her she’s not bringing any home!

We love love love having a back yard. We all spent a lot of time outside this weekend. Allie probably spent more time outside than any of us because she played with the neighbor kids all afternoon Sunday. Peyton cries whenever we let Monk outside but don’t let him. He’d stay outside all day if we’d let him. But he’s still small and going outside wears him out. He’s generally more exhausted lately with all the stimulation. Going outside wears him out, but at the same time he’s not going to sleep as quickly as we need him to so he’s short on sleep already. Both kids love playing on the swing set and going down the slide. Allie and Dada were kicking the soccer ball around yesterday for a while.

Monk loves the yard too. For the most part she seems to have adjusted to the new house. I am still afraid of her getting out in spite of the fence. There are some areas of the fence I am watching because I saw her try to dig yesterday in an area where there was already a little gap under the fence. In that area I was able to move some big rocks to stop that digging.

Monk has reminded us that she is our pet but also an animal. On Saturday I was sitting on the deck reading and Allie was playing by the garden. Monk was there too and suddenly Allie screams that there are rats in the garden an Monk is playing with them! I thought at first they were mice but realized later they were baby bunnies. Monk got two of them… and by “got” them, I mean she ate them. I thought she was just playing with the first one because I was trying to get her away from them and she took it to the other side of the yard. When she came back for the second one she’d already injured, she stayed by the swing set and I realized what she was really doing. I had to explain to Allie because she already talks about animals dying every once in a while (Bridget’s dog was hit by a car last year, so she has been exposed a bit). I made sure to explain to Allie that Monk was just doing what an animal does and that doesn’t mean Monk will hurt her.

We didn’t know what to do and the other four baby bunnies were still in the nest in the garden plot and there wasn’t going to be a way to keep Monk away from it, so Doug and I moved the bunnies. And then I found out later that I shouldn’t have because the Mama probably couldn’t find them. 😦 But they wouldn’t have survived long in that nest anyway.

So that’s our adventure living in the country!

In addition to animal adventures at home, we went to the zoo Saturday afternoon! The morning got away from us so we didn’t get there until after lunch. We had lunch early and figured Peyton could nap a little later afterwards, it only takes an hour or two to get through the zoo. It was packed! We weren’t the only ones there on the beautiful day. Unfortunately by the time we got there both kids were getting tired and more cranky.
We saw the seals first at Allie’s request.
Then the giraffes. This one was very social on Saturday afternoon! A baby giraffe was just born at the zoo in the last couple weeks, but the baby was not out on the exhibit yet.
The kids liked seeing the ostrich, who looks just like robo-ostrich MERC on Miles from Tomorrowland on Disney Junior. That is Peyton’s favorite show, so he liked seeing one close up.
Allie liked seeing him too but she decided she needed to hitch a ride in the stroller. Luckily Peyton was up to walking at that point.
I think this is a cute selfie of me and Peyts, in spite of his grumpy face.
We went to the playground within the children’s zoo, but the kids weren’t into it. It was crowded, so Mama couldn’t go with Allie and Allie didn’t want to go by herself.
Where both kids finally seemed to enjoy themselves was feeding the goats! I fished a couple quarters out of my wallet and got some food for the goats.
You’d think those goats never eat with how the leap toward the food!
Peyton got in on the action and laughed when he got licked (we washed up afterward!).
Another grumpy picture, this time with Dada.
Also in the children’s zoo, the kids liked seeing the aardvark.
After the children’s zoo we decided to head home. We didn’t last quite as long as usual but we still saw plenty. On the way out I got this picture of the pretty flowers! They had flowers all over the place!
On the way out we stopped to see the penquins, who were actually out and active! They were swimming and walking around. Usually one or two penguins are out and they are just standing by their wall. I didn’t get any pictures of the real penguins, but I got a picture of this penguin!

I’ve gotten a picture of Allie with these penguins at least once a year since she was small. She loves taking pictures with the cutouts!



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