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Throughout 4k, we’ve had family projects to work on with Allie. At the beginning of the year we made a treasure box. We made a pumpkin,  a turkey, snowman, valentine and a Dr. Seuss hat… I think there were a few others in there too. Sometimes its felt like a chore, but it really was fun to get creative together.

For the last family project of 4k, we made a timeline of Allie’s life. Mama did a lot of the construction, but Allie picked the memories and did all the writing. Look how well she’s writing now! It really was fun looking back through Allie’s favorite memories. When we were going through pictures this week, she wanted to include everything.

Its strange to this that we only have one more month of 4k! Tomorrow night Dada and I are going to a kindergarten information meeting. How does time go by so quickly? I am so amazed and proud of how much Allie has grown and learned this year. Allie sometimes says she is scared of kindergarten, but I am sure she will do great.

This week has been one filled with a lot of memories for various reasons, and I’m reminded again and again not to take any of these times for granted. I did enjoy this project looking back at our family memories. I am so grateful for my awesome family and all of our adventures.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “Allie’s favorite memories

  1. It’s hard to remember way back then, but I didn’t think kids could write like that until like 1st grade. Way to go, Allie!

    • If Florida is like Wisconsin, it seems 4K is what we knew as kindergarten back in the day. Its not required but I bet it will be soon, seems like any kid who doesn’t do 4K would be really behind!

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