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It is stunning to me how different our lifestyle is living in the new house. We did so much stuff outside last weekend. At the old house we likely would have been inside the whole time and with the windows closed. Monk barked like crazy at the old house. She barks here but not as bad.

It is so great having our own yard! We didn’t have to leave the house to get outside! Allie plays outside so much, both at home and with the neighbors. The kids play several hours together on the weekends. Time spent NOT in front of the TV!

On Sunday Grandma and Grandpa Swanson brought us the lawn mower we are buying from them. I grilled for them. Then Dada spent the afternoon mowing.


He did a great job! While he mowed the kids and I played in the back yard.


Grandma brought the kids each their own geranium. They were carrying the pots around, until peyton dropped his, then they stayed on the table. Allie put little purple flowers in her pot. Every day she wants to look at it to see if it grew.


Peyton is getting really good at the slide. He loves it. So much. He cries when its time to go inside. And he is becoming quite the daredevil.


Allie’s favorite thing is picking flowers from the yard. Monk enjoys digging.


Not outdoors, but cute and something we didn’t do much at the old house because of the setup… last night instead of watching TV, we got crayons and construction paper out. Allie made cards for teacher appreciation week. Peyton scribbled.


I am looking forward to starting my garden! First task on the list is getting all those weeds out. I also noticed I will have to rig up something to keep Monk out since she likes to dig.


With outdoor life we have outdoor challenges.  Little bee hives in the open bars on the swing set. I assume they are old since I saw dead bees in some of them and since no bees have bothered the kids play in there. So our weekend task is spraying and getting rid of them and finding a way to fill in those holes! Poor Allie is afraid of the bees now even though I assured her their aren’t any.


We have so much more time in the evenings. We get home earlier and are more relaxed. I really like that the kids are doing so many activities now other than watching a bunch of TV. Tonight after dinner I took the kids out back to play. I realized quickly that I’d have to bring them in early enough to do baths. They definitely get more dirty here! But I don’t mind!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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