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I’ve been running at sunrise for several years now. But nothing compares to the sunrises I see now running through the state recreation area with just the trees and creatures!sunrise2We’ve lived in our new house a month now. Various happenings have had me pretty stressed out lately. But running is my stress relief and these sunrise runs are one thing that are keeping me going.
sunrise1I don’t normally like to stop on my runs to snap pictures. But I can’t help it.sunrise5Especially since its so hilly and I get so tired! I will get used to the hills (I think), so I don’t mind stopping right now to take it all in.sunrise3The first two pictures are from my run last Friday morning. The rest are from yesterday. The sun is coming up earlier and yesterday morning there was a bit of fog.sunrise4Lately I get out and run and I don’t think about much other than running at this moment. sunrise6As I took these last two pictures I heard the frogs croaking and saw the sun shining and I smiled thinking about Allie catching frogs with the neighbor kids and how I’d like to take her to one of these ponds in the morning to hear their chorus. I really loved running through the neighborhood on the other side of the recreation area. So many flowering trees in bloom and fragrant! I realized tonight we have one of those flowering trees I love so much in our back yard.sunrise7Its so nice to be able to get out and clear my head. Its so cliche but true, I discover something new every time!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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