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Dada picked out a great Mother’s Day card!
I had a good Mother’s Day for the most part! I had a good morning snuggling with the kids. They were so sweet!
We had a great brunch at Quivey’s Grove. That’s one of my favorite brunch places. They have a buffet and you choose an entre. I had a yummy farmer’s omelette.
Allie made this super cute pinch pot. She’s so funny. She never wants to tell me what she did in school. But a week ago when she made this and it was a surprise, she wouldn’t stop telling me about it! She insisted I put jewelry in it. So I put the necklace that she gave me for our first Mother’s Day.

Unfortunately after that the day crashed… literally. Faced with the choice of going out for a run or taking a nap, I headed out for a run. I wanted to run on the roads, which I will only do in day light. Well I was going between the road and shoulder since there aren’t sidewalks here. I rolled my ankle on the gravel. I don’t think there was any big obstacle. I think it was mostly my worn out shoes. I’ve needed new shoes for a while now. Even just walking I can feel my feet rolling outward.
So I spent the evening icing and resting and Dada had to dinner and bedtime on his own. I stayed home from work today to ice and elevate my ankle and it is slowly improving. I don’t know when I will run again…probably I won’t run outside until I get new shoes and who knows when that will be? But it could have been worse. I thought for a bit it was broken. I had to walk the mile home. When I’ve done this (too many times!) in the past, its numbed up and I could run a bit to get home faster. That didn’t happen this time! It was so painful I admit I cried a good amount!

At least I am recovering. Dada has a work dinner tonight so I am going solo. So I need to be more mobile than I was this morning! I am so blessed and I wouldn’t trade my family for anything.

No matter how the day ended up, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t imagine being anything other than Allie and Peyton’s Mama!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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