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What a weekend! Its been full of activities. So full, I’m writing two posts about it. Don’t worry, I’ll post them both today! Don’t want to keep anyone in suspense.

First thing was on Thursday night… Allie lost her first tooth!
She lost it as she was going to bed. So that was delayed for pictures!
And the Peyton spit up in bed, something he hasn’t done for a long time. So we had to change his sheet. Then it took a bit for both kids to calm down and go to sleep. Ahhh, fun times with the kiddos!

Friday was the final parent day at Allie’s school. For 4K they have school Monday through Thursday and one Friday per month. Every other Friday was a parent day where parents were invited to see what the kids do at school. For this one they were planning on going outside and doing an obstacle course and parachute games, but it was too wet and drizzly. So they played fun inside games.
Allie was really good at the swamp monster game. They had to jump from the hoops and stay out of the “lava.” I didn’t get any good action shots because I was taking pics on my phone.
They had a painting station.
And these cool magnetic blocks.
They took a class picture, so cute!
And then we played the parachute inside. Mama played too!
Allie’s favorite part of the parent day is we take her to Bridget’s instead of taking the bus.
Saturday morning we went to the school scavenger hunt. We started at the Oregon library and followed clues to collect parts of the project.
At the first station Allie got a pot. This was the second, where she got a baggie with seeds.
The third station was a bag of dirt and the fourth one was a cup of water.
So what was the final product? Allie planted her seeds in the pot with the dirt and watered it!
Its a sunflower seed, so if it grows we will need to get a bigger pot!
We had a great time even though it rained! It started raining a little as we started the hunt. And it got heavy as we got to the end. And of course it stopped raining after we left! That’s how this whole weekend has been. Its looked like it would rain all weekend, but it didn’t rain much at all really.


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