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Going to the Brat Fest!

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YAY for the holiday weekend! Allie has been looking forward to Brat Fest all week. We told her we’d go on Saturday and she was asking about it allllll day! We decided to go in the evening after Peyton’s nap. And that ended up being the perfect time! We ended up getting there at 6 and leaving about 8:15. It was nice but not hot as the sun was going down. It was crowded getting the food, but we were able to find a nice space to sit and eat. And I think the highlight for Allie was definitely the bouncy houses! This year they had a bunch set up and we paid $5 for a wrist band that allowed Allie unlimited bouncing. Too bad we didn’t get there until a half hour before they closed! Allie got her money’s worth though. She kept shouting this is “the best day ever!!” As we were going to the car to come home she was asking to go out in the back yard and swing when we got home. Then in the 10 minutes we were in the car she practically fell asleep!
They had these crazy bubble things in the water! We didn’t try them out but I think Allie would have liked to.
Allie ran around the bouncy houses with no fear. Its nice to see when she is independent as that is something we’re working on.

After the bouncy houses closed we came home. We had wanted to get ice cream but it got late. Mama and Dada almost considered staying to listen to the music, but it was a good idea for us to go home when we did. Allie was so tired, it was quite a process to get her ready for bed! Peyton was pretty wound up though, even at 10 p.m. he is still babbling a bit.

Hopefully the kids will sleep in tomorrow because we have more fun stuff planned! The Arctic Passage at the zoo opened today. That’s the new bear area that’s been under construction for a long time. We are really excited to see it, even though we expect the zoo to be even more of a zoo than usual with the new exhibit and the holiday weekend. So we are planning to go tomorrow morning. We will get ice cream too since we didn’t at Brat Fest. Also today Allie and I went to Home Depot and got stuff to start our vegetable garden! We used the gift card that Grandma and Grandpa Durso sent when we moved, so thank you Grandma and Grandpa! So we will work on the garden tomorrow and Monday. I’m excited to try it. I got two tomato plants, a cucumber plant, basil and cilantro plants and seeds of green beans, carrots, squash, kale and watermelon.


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