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A rainy day, a zoo day and the garden

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Sunday’s zoo day got canceled because instead it rained allll day. An all-day soaker rain is even worse than a snow day, I think!

But Mama had a stroke of genius because when Allie and I went to the old house to get our stand fans, we also picked up a play doh set that Allie had gotten for Christmas a few years ago but had never been opened. Turns out, as an adult, I hate the smell of play doh and its a pain to clean up. I’m still finding play doh bits  on the floor downstairs. But it kept Allie occupied for more than THREE hours. Peyton played the first hour and would have played more, but it was nap time for him.
This picture was at the beginning of the play doh time. I swept the floor three times during the play time. Colors got mixed and the session ended with a lot less dough than we started with. But the rainy day wasn’t spent entirely in front of the TV, so that’s a success!
Mama’s rainy day project was cleaning the master suite. That took a surprisingly long time. I need to clean up there more often! I finally put away the straggling boxes… but only in the crawl space so I don’t have to look at them any more! I will eventually organize the last few things in the house. I do want to create a den/office space in the third bedroom.

Anyway, the forecast was for rain this morning too. Luckily the sun came out. And we were SO happy to see the sun, we decided to sacrifice nap time and head to the zoo.
This weekend the Arctic Passage opened. Its been two years since they had bears at the Vilas Zoo. We decided to brave the crowds to see it opening weekend. We love the zoo because the kids love it and its completely free! There are only a few zoos that are completely free. Anyway…
We were able to park surprisingly close. There were people everywhere. And it was SO crowded to see the bears. But the bears didn’t disappoint! I’m a little disappointed that the viewing areas are so limited, but that will be better once the novelty wears off.
Allie and I were at the window when the polar bear got up close and personal!
It was a lot harder to see the grizzly bears. But they didn’t disappoint either.
018 020
They moved the seals into the Arctic Passage too. I’m not impressed. Maybe just because of sentiment. I remember seeing the seals in their old pool when I was Allie’s age.
But again, the viewing area is really limited. There is an underwater viewing area though, so that’s neat I guess.
On the other side of the Arctic Passage is the prairie exhibit, which we haven’t seen in two years because the entire area was closed for construction on the Arctic Passage. First we saw the bison.
And the highlight of the trip for both kids were the prairie dogs.
027 028
Allie and Peyton could have stayed here watching these guys the rest of the day if we’d let them.
029 032
036 037
When we finally tore Allie away, she decided she wanted to climb up on this rock. She had help.

Then we went to see the giraffes.
039 040 041 043
After this it started falling apart. We did skip nap time, after all. We glanced at the tiger and the lion and then headed back to the car. We had to run a couple errands and then we made it to the place Allie was asking for all weekend, the ice cream store!
They enjoyed it, though Peyton had to get over the shock of the cold!

The last event of the evening was finally starting the garden!
The first task is weeding. And its a big one.
Allie was going to help, and she did a teeny bit… then she saw an ant and abandoned the project! Good thing too… I saw more critters than just ants! And oh, the ants… they were crawling all over my gloves and getting on my arms and in the gloves… ewww! They irritated my arms too, I didn’t think ants bite? This is hard work… there are a lot of weeds. A lot of baby maple trees too!
We let Peyton get in the dirt because bath time was right after this!
I worked for about an hour and a half. I think I actually got a lot done because the weeds were worse on that side. I’ll work a little each evening (except Wednesday, its 4K graduation!). Hopefully I can get plants in the ground before the week is out. After weeding, I need to rig up a fence to keep the dog, children and other critters out and then do the planting. I got seeds for green beans, carrots, kale, summer squash and watermelon. I got two tomato plants, one cucumber, one cilantro and one basil. I’m not sure if I got too much or not enough! I can get some more though if its not full! I really hope the garden works. I’m excited about the possibility of eating my own home-grown salad!


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