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Brilliant combo: Painting and wine!

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What a crazy week! There has been so much going on, and not enough time to post it all. I am posting it all tonight though, because my extra storage on the blog is expiring either tomorrow or Monday and I’m not renewing it. So get ready for pictures…

Last Saturday I went down to Rockford to celebrate my sister Jeni’s birthday. She has a painting and wine party and it was so much fun!
Sisters! Me, Jeni and Johanna. Jocelyn couldn’t make it. 😦
Getting ready to start! Painting and wine are a great combo.
My finished background. I had a lot of fun with this part. It was very thick, so it had to be put outside to dry faster.
We traced the main part of the picture in order to paint it. Can you tell what it is?
Birthday girl at work.
And me at work! I did take a few painting classes as a kid. I had no artistic talent (still don’t), but I did enjoy it, and I enjoyed it last weekend!
All the artists at work.
Jeni’s husband, Dave.
013 014
Finished products!
Group shot. Its cool to see how everyone varied on the painting. I would definitely do this again! I still need to hang my painting up somewhere in the house.


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