Life as we know it

Our family adventures


003 034We’re the Dursos. I’m Jessica, the Mama. Doug is the Dada but doesn’t write in the blog, though he always says he’s going to. We’re now a family of four. Allie was born Oct. 30, 2009 and Peyton was born on Feb. 20, 2013.

I started keeping a running blog in 2008 when I started training for my first half marathon. When I got pregnant in 2009, I started another blog for our family activites. I stopped the running blog for awhile and then started it again. I’d always considered the two topics separate and kept the separate blogs. But I decided these two big parts of my life are definitely not separate! I run for my family, and my family makes it possible for me to run! I had also started to incorporate my interest in cooking as well as my weight loss efforts in my running blog. All of those wellness efforts are important for the whole family. Current blog topics are our family along with my running, dieting, cooking and whatever else strikes me. The Durso family has lots going on and we hope you will share it with us.

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